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Jan. 29th, 2010 | 08:31 pm
posted by: nursegenni in pokeballpopped

Genni woke up, and it was raining. Hard. Sitting up slowly, she eased Pichu off her face, and Dratini off her chest. Ivysaur was nestled against her side, and Slowpoke had somehow gotten into the bed during the night and was pinning her legs down.

"Good god you guys are heavy..." Genni murmured, wiggling free of her clingy pokemon and crawling out of the bed. She wandered into the kitchen and started up her usual pot of coffee,and peered off onto the porch, staring at the rain as it came down in buckets.

"I guess they're gonna cancel the contest today..." Genni murmured, actually pleased she wouldn't have to feel Jude's eyes on her while she showed off her pokemon. Slowpoke slowly slid out into the rain and let it wash down on his soft pink body. Pichu munched happily on the food Genni had gotten out of the fridge for him, and Ivysaur sat on the floor eating out of his food dish.

Meg appeared from her bedroom, looking groggy, her hair sticking up in all directions, and she immediately went to the stove.

"Should you be cooking while you're half asleep?" Genni asked. Meg made a face and got out the bacon, gently pulling the slices apart and putting them on the pan.

"How do you want your eggs?" She asked instead. Genni considered this.

"Hmm...scrambled," She murmured. Meg looked surprised.

"You're actually gonna eat?!" Meg cried. Genni shrugged.

"I'm not feeling too hot...maybe something in my stomach will settle it," She decided. Meg smiled, pleased she was having breakfast, and set to work while Genni turned on the television.

"-Anyone who was interested in entering the contest today, it will be postponed until next week due to the Hurricane coming into the hurricane these next few days," The reporter was saying. Genni blinked.

"That explains the weather..." She murmured. Meg nodded, leaning against Genni's back and staring the screen. The phone rang while the reporter continued to talk, and Genni went to answer it.

"-The pokemon center and hospital will be open for anyone who needs somewhere to escape the hurricanes. People are asked to lock and board their windows up. This is going to be a very mean Hurricane Ivan, folks-" Meg looked up when Genni hung up.

"Who was that?" Meg asked. Genni smiled.

"It was the pokemon center. They said I'm hired!" Genni said with a smile. Meg cheered and hugged her friend.

"Yay! That means I get free health benefits for my pokemon right?" Meg asked. Genni giggled.

"Maybe. If you're nice to me. But they want me to come down and help out with some of the boarding of the windows and herding in pokemon. They're afraid they're going to get hurt. They seem disorientated or something," Genni said. Meg nodded as she followed her friend to her room. Genni dressed, putting on a raincoat and jeans and sneakers.

"Can I come?"

"I don't see why not..." Genni said. Meg ran to get dressed herself. They gathered up their pokemon, and headed out the door.

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 30th, 2010 04:33 am (UTC)

The Pokemon Center was very busy, many people were complaining about the weather while Genni hurried around to board the place up. Meg had gone outside, finding a deep puddle for Magikarp to play in. Luxio wouldn't move away from her side, little twitches of electricity coming off of his back. Charmander was standing inside, staring out the window and watching them.
"Sorry bud but I gotta board off the window," Genni said to him, nudging him aside while she put the pieces of wood up against the window and hammered them in place. Charmander snorted and went to stand by the door. Genni found it interesting, how he wouldn't be into anything with Meg at all yet he was keeping her in his sight.
Some of the pokemon in the back were restless. Genni went to each of them and handed them a special treat that had been left out by another aid. "Here you go, guys," she said, petting a growlithe on the head. He licked her hand in a thank you and she smiled, moving on to the next.

Magikarp seemed content to flop around in the puddle, even if he couldn't do much of anything else.
"Go Magikarp, go!" she said happily, cheering him. If his face could change emotion she would've seen him smiling happily. "Alright, that's enough for today!" she said, calling him back into his ball and turned to go inside.
Till she felt something on her head, that is.
Meg looked up, and a face looked down. Somehow, a bird pokemon had plopped itself down onto the top of her head, getting between her and the umbrella. It cocked it's head before flitting off to sit on the awning of the pokemon center. Meg whipped out her pokedex.
"Starly, the starling pokemon. Because they are weak individually, they form groups. However, they bicker constantly if the group grows too big," Meg smiled.
"Ooooh," she pulled out a pokeball, readying her aim. The Starly cocked its head at her, almost as if asking her what she was planning on doing.
"You must of gotten kicked out of your group. But don't worry, you can be part of mine!" she threw the pokeball, but the Starly dodged it and came to rest on a lampole. "Agh, pokemon appeared to be caught," she said, bringing forth a small laugh before trying her luck again. This time she caught it, and cheered happily before rushing inside, Luxio on her tail.

"GENNI GENNI GENNI GUESS WHAT?!" she threw herself into a bearhug on her friend, who was carrying planks.
"Ah, what? Can you let go?" Meg released her from her grip and spun on one foot, popping open the new pokeball to release Starly.
"Look what I just caught!" she said happily. Genni put the planks down and stared at the small bird.
"What is it?" Genni asked.
"It's called a Starly. Ain't it just adorable?" she asked, cooing at the pokemon, who decided to use her head as a perch. "I'ma go register it!" she said before bouncing off to the head nurse. Genni shook her head and went onto the next window.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 30th, 2010 12:49 pm (UTC)

Genni and Meg decided to stay at the center for the rest of the day to help out with anything the head nurse needed. Cots were brought in and put inside some of the inner rooms, away from the windows, so that people who lived too close to the shore with no where to stay could sleep.

Genni checked on the pokemon that some of the other volunteers had gone out and herded in. They weren't happy to be locked into rooms, but they look pleased they were out of the wind and the rain. She smiled as she wiped down a Pidgy that had gotten itself drenched. She refilled the water dishes and went back out front to see where Meg had disappeared. She paused when she saw a very tall, handsome dark haired man standing at the counter. The head nurse gave her a look like 'could you help him? i'm busy!' and she sighed and went behind the counter and smiled at him.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" She asked. The dark haired man was dressed very handsomely, a black raincoat over his entire outfit. A thick dark eyebrow rose and he eyed her, slightly damp from running around outside, and a few pidgy feathers sticking to her.

"You're the head nurse?"

"Well...no...I'm one of the aids...I'm registered to help you though," She said. He shrugged, though looking unconvinced. He handed over a pokeball.

"I want to register a pokemon," He said. Genni took the pokeball and nodded, going to the machine behind her that registered the pokeball and pokemon. She slid it into the space that was made for the ball, and turned on the machine. It scanned the ball slowly, and an image of the pokemon inside appeared on the screen.

"Psyduck," the computer purred. Genni looked up the information on the pokemon, and printed out the hand out for the man. She took the pokeball and handed it back over.

"Here you are!" She said. He nodded, not smiling, and took the pokeball and pocketed it. He shook his head at the packet.

"I don't need that."

"Oh...but Psyduck need a little more care than most pokemon...they suffer from headaches-"

"I DON'T need it," He growled. Genni stiffened.

"Um...okay...sorry..." She whispered. He turned and stalked out of the center. Genni watched him go, her eyes wide.

"What's with the face?" Meg asked, hanging over the counter and looking at her. Genni shrugged.

"He was kind of rude..." She murmured. Meg huffed.

"What he get?"

"A Psyduck."


"I want one," She said. Meg stopped laughing.

"oh. Well...er...THEY'RE AWESOME?!" Meg cried. Genni laughed and shook her head, grabbing her arm.

"Come on weirdo...let's go down by the docks and make sure nobodies being stupid..."

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 31st, 2010 12:55 am (UTC)

The girls headed down, struggling with their umbrellas the entire time. Charmander had been returned to his pokeball and Pichu was gripping Genni's jacket.
"Why don't you go back into your pokeball?" she asked him, to which he nodded and was returned to the his pokeball that Genni then put into her pocket. The only pokemon who wasn't in its ball, however was Luxio. He had refused to return and so was sticking close to his trainer underneath her umbrella.
The docks were fairly empty except for a few boats that were tied to the docks. The water was rocking at a moderate pace, licking at the corners of the pieces of wood making up the dock.
"Looks good," Genni said, turning on her foot, Meg following.
Genni had been smart. Smarter than her friend, who didn't wear slip-resistant shoes and was no sliding on the wet dock and crashing down on her knees.
"AAAAAH," she gripped a knee, only to lose her balance and fall down again. Genni went to grab her and steady her, til she let out a loud yell.
"MAGIKARP!" she shrieked, no concern for her still tender ears as a pokeball rolled off the dock and plopped into the water. Meg stood and began to run for the ball.
"MEG DON'T YOU CAN'T-" she was cut off by the splash of her friend falling into the water after trying to reach the pokeball. "...swim," Genni sighed and rushed towards the end of the dock, her friend had found a rope that was tied to the end of the dock that she was using to keep herself from getting too far out, her feet just barely touching the bottom of the water. But the pokeball was too far out.
"Shit," she said and turned to look at her friend who was trying to find some type of floatation device to throw her. "I'll be fine," she said and let go of the rope, doggy paddling as best she could to the pokeball. Once her hand reached it she smiled at herself. "Gotcha," she looked up, ready to turn around and paddle her way in, only to see a large wave headed straight for her. Her eyes widened as the wave crashed into her and pulled her out farther into the bay.
"MEG!" Genni screamed, watching her friend disappear. Luxio was growling, making noises he stood at the end of the dock, almost about to jump into the water until Genni held him back. She looked around, contemplating commandiering a small rowboat and going after her, except she had no idea where she was, until she saw an red light emit from the water and an orange Magikarp come popping up the surface, Meg holding onto it.
"Come on Magikarp, you can do it!" she said, holding onto the pokemon. Magikarp was trying with all his might to pull his trainer to shore, but his small body and lack of skill was proving problematic.
Genni could tell that the pokemon was having trouble, and found a loose rope to toss to them, only it missed. "DAMNIT! Meaghan Justine I'm going to KILL you when you get back here!" she said, reassuring her friend's safe rescue. Her hopes began to sink along with Magikarp as it fell under a wave.
This time, a gold color emerged through the water and instead of a Magikarp flailing around in an attempt to bring Meg back, what came out of the water this time was a large, blue dragon. Genni stared astonished as she saw Meg emerge from the water, gripping the pokemon breathing heavy as it swam to the shore. Genni pulled out her pokedex.
"Gyarados, the atrocious pokemon. Once it begins to rampage, a Gyarados will burn everything down, even in a harsh storm," Genni mouthed the word "wow", turning her attention back to the pokemon that was now dropping its trainer on the dock.
"Are you ok?!" Genni said, helping her friend up. She nodded, her body shivering from the cold water. Luxio ran over to her giving her a small spark to show he was happy she was back.
"Magikarp evolved to save me," she said, a smile of gratitude on her face. The two turned to look at the Gyarados that made a gentle growl and nudged its face on Meg's arm. Meg laughed and recalled him to his pokeball and the two returned to the Pokemon Center.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 31st, 2010 04:31 am (UTC)

"You...are very fortunate young lady!" The head nurse admonished as Meg dried off her head with a towel. Genni laughed and shook her raincoat out as she hung it up to dry, and released her pokemon from their pokeballs so they could roam free.

"It was worth it...I have my Gyradooooos...." Meg cooed, hugging the pokeball Gyrados resided in. Genni shook her head and got up to go find out where Pichu had disappeared off to.

When she found him, he was in the egg room, looking at a cute white and pink egg that had tipped off it's cushion, and sat on the floor. Genni sighed and bent down to pick it up.

"How did you get off your cushion?" Genni asked, looking at the cushion the pokemon had been sitting on. She shrugged, and set it back on it. She picked up Pichu and headed out of the room again.

Pichu let out a cry and pointed behind her. Genni looked back and saw the poke egg had fallen off the cushion again. She blinked and picked it up again. The head nurse poked her head into the room again.

"Hey, the egg wont stay put. What do I do?" She asked. The nurse smiled.

"It's about to hatch! You wouldn't mind keeping an eye on it until it hatches, would you? It'll keep falling if it stays here in. You can keep it if it turns out to be something you'd like!" The nurse said. Genni looked at the egg and smiled.

"Really? Okay!" She said, smiling happily.


They went home to make sure their apartment was still standing, after the storm had calmed down a little. Slowpoke had not moved from his spot in his kiddie pool, where Genni had left him. A piece of a tree branch sat near him.

"Oh I'm sorry Slowpoke...you alright?" Genni asked, gently touching her pokemon's head. He smiled at her slowly.

"I'M GONNA LET GYRADOS SEE HIS NEW HOME! COME ON OUT GYRADOS!" Meg shouted. Genni's eyes widened.

"NO MEG-" The living room, kitchen, and part of the porch filled with blue dragon. Genni was crushed under him and the couch.


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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 31st, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)

Meg squealed in delight as the Gyarados smiled at her, or smiled as much as dragon could and gave out a happy growl. Genni was able to push the pokemon off of her, pulling herself out from underneath the couch and moving over his tail.
"Ok, new rule: THAT STAYS IN ITS POKEBALL!" Genni exclaimed. An annoyed look from Meg as she zapped him back into his pokeball.
"Fiiiine...how about the shower?" she said, running towards the bathroom to unleash the pokemon again.
"NO-" she was cut off by a long blue tail flopping into the living room and the sound of the shower going.
"HEY MIKEY HE LIKES IT!" Meg yelled as Genni tip-toed over the pokemon to come look inside the bathroom. Gyarados had maybe a fourth of himself in the shower, playing with the shower head delightedly while Meg stood on the toilet.
"Oh God..." Genni sighed.
"GET OUT IMA GET NEKKID!" Meg yelled, pushing her out of the bathroom and began to strip to hop in, somehow, and take a shower. Like Genni hadn't seen more skin than a normal passerby would.


Genni was the first up, as usual. As she made her trek towards the living room, she had to make her way around the long dragon tail poking out from Meg's room.
"Jesus..." she sighed and went to the kitchen, made herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.
She rather not think about it, but her new job wasn't paying enough and it would soon become obvious. She leaned on her hand, propping it up with an elbow on the table and tried to think of what they could do. They wouldn't be able to cut back on food, now that they were taking care of the pokemon and Meg was a behemoth with food.
Then she remembered the extra room.
They could rent it, and make some money, she thought. She would have to ask her friend in the morning and put an ad in the paper.
No. The pokemon magazine. If they had asked for someone in the newspaper, they would have to worry about their pokemon. But if there were people who themselves were interested in pokemon and had them, they would be able to get along. Geni smiled, giving herself a mental slap on the back for coming up with the thought.
She was still smiling when Meg came around the corner, her hair frizzed up and Luxio in tow.
"Tripped over Gyarados on my way out," she said, yawning and sitting down. Genni sighed.
"You should keep him in his pokeball..." she warned. Meg shrugged it off and stood, deciding what to have for breakfast.
"I'm feeling lazy. Cereal?" she turned to her friend and asked, who nodded in agreement.
"I think I know how to fix our money problem," Genni said.
"We have a money problem?"
"We will soon,"
"Arlight, how?" Meg put a bowl of cereal down in front of her friend.
"Rent out the extra room,"

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 31st, 2010 06:27 pm (UTC)

"I dunno...what if we get some psycho with a pick axe?" Meg asked. Genni laughed.

"We have our pokemon to protect us."

"Yeah but what if they have POKEMON with pick axes?"

"Then we are royally fucked," Genni responded, getting up to get a pad of paper. She found a pen, and sat back down at the table.

"Let's see...someone our age...so we'll put searching for roommate...in their twenties...pokemon trainer...looking to split the rent...clean...male or female...anything else?" Genni asked, looking up at Meg. Meg pondered.

"Nice ass."

"I'm not putting nice ass."


"No. NO. NO," Genni snapped back. She finished off the ad and got up, going to the computer and booting it up. She sent it off to the pokemon magazine so their ad could be posted in the magazine and on the website. After, she went into her room to get dressed, and head down to work.


A few days later the new magazine was printed. Genni brought it home from work to show Meg, and the two then decided to head down to their favorite chinese restaurant, have some dinner, then go see a movie.

The egg Genni had still hadn't hatched, but she kept it safely in her room, out of reach of Pichu's prying paws, and Slowpokes unusual appetite (she saw him try to swallow a beach ball the other night.)

The contest had been set up for that Saturday, which Genni and Meg both had off, and they began discussing who they were gonna use for their pokemon as they ate, chomping on rice and delicious fried foods like it was their destiny.

"I think I might use Pichu. He's got that cute thing to him, you know?" Genni said, munching thoughtfully on a piece of chicken, wiggling her chopsticks. Meg nodded.

"He has that charm attack...it'd be really good in the cute competition. I wanna use Luxio in the cool competition!" Meg said. Genni nodded, smiling at Luxio who accepted a piece of meat off Meg's plate with a happy growl.

"I heard we have to dress up too...we're not just showing off our pokemon...we have to show off ourselves..." Genni didn't look to excited about that.

"No biggy! We'll just go pick something out tomorrow, after you get out of work," Meg said, "I think you should wear a summer dress or something...it'd be really cute," Meg said. Genni pondered.

"What are you gonna wear?'

"I'll probably wear that dress I made last year!" Meg said, smiling. Genni thought of the frilly pink dress Meg had made a few months ago, and agreed. On top of being a fabulous cook, and a cleaning fanatic, Meg was also big in sewing.

The two finished eating, paid their bill, then headed to the movies. After the movies, they headed home, stuffed and ready for bed.

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 31st, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)

The buzzer rang, the noise travelling down the hallways. Genni was in the bathroom.
"Meg, can you get that?" she yelled. A groan came from the direction of Meg's room and Genni could hear her footsteps going down the hallway.
"Yes?" Meg said, her voice slightly cracked from the lack of use the past 8 hours.
"I'm here about the roomate advertisement in the magazine," the voice called back. Meg buzzed the person in and sat down in the kitchen and waited.
"Who was it?" Genni asked, flopping down on the couch, still in her pjs as was Meg.
"Person interested in renting the room," she said.
A few minutes went by and then a knock on the door. Meg stood and moved towards it, unlocking the door and flung it open.
"Hey th-" She was stopped by what she saw. It was blondie, AKA Jude.
"...You?!" he yelled. Meg slammed the door closed and sat back down.
"Who is it?" Genni sat up. Meg shrugged. Genni sighed and stood, going to the door.
"Sorry about tha-" she was also cut off by the person standing there. A few moments went by without anyone speaking.
"Wait, you guys live together?" Jude asked. Genni nodded.
"Why don't you come in and check the place out?" Genni said, hiding behind the door. Jude walked in cautiously. "Meg why don't you show him around?" Genni smiled at her friend, embarrassed to be caught wearing her pjs.
"WHY?!" Meg snorted. Genni shot her a look of "If you don't I'm chucking Gyarados out the window," Meg sighed and stood. Alright, fine. Take your shoes off," Meg barked. Jude did as instructed and Genni ran to her room, locking the door behind her and began to get dressed.
"This is the kitchen, this is the hallway, this is the living room, and here's the sliding glass door to the porch, why don't you check that out?" she ushered him towards the porch that held the kiddie pool with Slowpoke inside. And now sharing the small space with as Meg slammed the door closed.
"Have fun with Slowpoke," she said, smiling as she slammed the glass door closed and locked it. Jude sighed and exchanged a look with Slowpoke.
Genni darted out into the living room, looking aorund. "Where is he?" Genni asked.
"Wanted to take a swim with Slowpoke," Meg said, making herself some toast. It took Genni a few moments to realize he was locked out on the porch.
"MEG!" Genni yelled, unlocking the door and allowing Jude back in. "I am SO sorry!" she said quickly. Jude shrugged it off and wandered around the apartment.
"So where's my room?" he asked. Genni brought him to the spare room, Meg's sewing machine and a few boxes the only thing really in the room.
"You'll need to bring your own stuff, obviously. And we can talk about rent and helping pay for groceries and other things later if you're interested," Genni said, halfheartedly knowing that he probably wouldn't want to stay in an apartment with a girl who would be constantly trying to kill him.
Jude took a look around the room and turned back to Genni.
"Sounds good, when can I move in?" he asked. Genni stared at him in disbelief.
"You...you actually want to stay here?" Genni asked. Jude shrugged.
"It'll be fun messing with your friend," he smirked. Genni laughed and nodded.

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 12:00 am (UTC)

Jude and Meg stared across each other from the kitchen table, Jude occasionally talking to Genni, who was awkwardly seated between them. Jude's expression was lax and unconcerned, while Meg's was dark and ready to murder. She was laying down the laws of the apartment, which so far weren't making a whole lot of sense..

"You're pokemon aren't allowed out of the pokeballs," Meg said. Jude's eyebrows rose.

"And why does yours get to be out?"

"Because THIS is our apartment!"

"It's just as much his now, Meg..." Genni murmured.

"NOT NOW MOMMY'S TALKING," Meg snapped, and continued to glower at Jude.

"You can't sneak into Genni's room and sleep with her. There will be guards stationed at her door throughout the evening," Meg continued. Genni blushed hotly.


"I'll just learn when the guards are switching, and sneak in between the shifts," Jude said evenly, smiling at Genni, who covered her head with a magazine.

"I'll make sure your ass is fried then, sir," Meg said sternly.

"Fair enough, what else?" Jude asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Don't touch my food," Meg grumbled.

"What counts as your food?"

"EVERYTHING TOUCHING THE KITCHEN!" Meg bellowed at his incompetency. Genni sighed.

"Don't worry, you can eat. She always makes too much," Genni promised. Jude nodded.

"Don't promise him food, Genni! He eats NOTHING!" Meg yelled. Jude stood.

"I'm going to go get my things then...I want to be moved in by this afternoon..." he said. Genni nodded. Meg was pouting. As soon as he was gone, Meg turned to her friend.

"Genni, we're getting you a chastity belt. He wants your shit so bad," Meg ordered. Genni choked on her coffee.

"What? Meg what are you talking about? He was being civil..."

"He WANTS your SHIT. He wants to make little oddishs with you!" She yelled. Genni shook her head.

"You're not thinking straight," Genni muttered. Ivysaur rubbed against her leg, and she leaned down to touch his head.

"I'm thinking JUST FINE!" Meg snapped. Genni shook her head and went to open the porch door so Slowpoke could slowly walk inside, which was what he was currently attempting to do.

"We can go down to the center and pick out some seals and stuff for the contest tomorrow after Jude finishes moving in," Genni said. Meg stood.

"Why don't we just go NOW and he can wait outside until we get back?'

"Because that's rude for one...and two you're not even fully dressed!" Genni said. Meg groaned about the unfairness of the world and went to get dressed. Genni collapsed onto the couch and laughed, shaking her head.

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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 12:52 am (UTC)

Meg had flung herself onto the floor once she was dressed and ready, playing with Luxio's tail as he sat and cleaned himself. Genni was helping Jude by bringing in boxes and placing them in his room while he took care of the heavy stuff.
"I hired some Machokes to help with my bed and bureau, they should be here soon," Jude said, placing some of the boxes down on the floor. Genni nodded.
"Um, do you know how long? Because I still have to make you a key for the apartment and we were going to go down to the Pokemon Center and get some seals for our pokeballs, we're going to enter the contest," Genni said. Jude nodded.
"Well, why don't you give me your key and I'll make a copy of it, while you two go out and get that done. They won't be here for a while," Genni nodded and handed over her key, heading out to the living room to fetch Meg who she knew was dying to go.
"ARE WE READY?!" Meg yelled, watching Genni put on her shoes.
"Yeeeep," Genni said, putting her pokeballs and wallet into her pocket. Meg jumped up from the floor and grabbed hers as well, scooping up Luxio as they headed out the door.


"Oh, this one is lightning bolts! And those are bubbles! Oh man look at the hearts! Ooooo stars and rose petals!" Meg ended up buying two of each seal, sitting at a table to arrange them on her pokeballs. Genni sighed and got herself a few of the lightning bolts, multicolored musical notes and hearts and sat down next to her friend.
"Look at how bamf this is," Meg said, recalling Luxio and tossing the pokeball so that she could show her friend the way it looked. When Luxio popped out, there were lighting bolts with black smoke. Meg squealed in delight and began to arrange some on her other pokemon as well.
Genni arranged her seals and tried them out. When she released Pichu, lightning bolts and the hearts came flying out and Pichu giggled happily. Genni smiled.
"Pichu seems to like his," she said. Meg nodded and smiled.
"This are too fun," she said, sticking the rest of her seals in a container that the nurse had given both of them and pocketed it.
Happy with their choices, the girls stood, getting ready to leave and see if they could find Genni the right dress for the competition.
"This is going to be so fun," Meg smiled, chattering on about all the different styles that were out. "And if there's anything you don't like about a particular dress I can fix it!"
"Meg, you should turn a-" Genni tried to get her to friend to turn a round before she slammed right into the same guy with the Psyduck from earlier.
"OOF! HEY WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Meg turned around and growled at the man who looked down at the girl with a slight annoyance.
"You're one to talk," he said, annoyance in his voice. Meg's face grew with anger. Luxio growled.
"Well seeing as I was the one walking backwards and you were walking forwards, you were fully capable of seeing me and therefore would've been able to avoid me. As we both can see here, you didn't, so that's not my fault," Meg crossed her arms across her chest in a "That's what's up" manner. The man stared at her, so did Genni.
"Maybe I shouldn't be the one trying to avoid careless girls and instead careless girls should be making it a point to not collide into men they don't know," Genni's mouth dropped. This was the first person to ever argue against Meg's long ramble with another long ramble that made sense on an intellectual level.
Meg's eyes narrowed. "Maybe men should be more courteous to girls and do things like get out of their way before they are no longer MEN!" Meg barked.
"Listen, you-" Genni saw her opportunity as the door opened and someone came in behind the guy, yelling at him to move and grabbed her arm, yanking her out the door.
"Jesus, Meg. Could we not get killed just once?" Genni sighed.
"He was kinda cute," Meg said nonchalantly. Genni groaned.

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)

Genni noticed a great mood shift in Meg after running into the guy. When they went out to the docks to practice a little, Genni noticed she was much more chipper.

"You know, I hope everything turns out okay tomorrow during the contests," Genni said, sending out Slowpoke into the water so she could see if he was any faster out there. He disappeared under, and reappeared, smiling happily at her. She smiled as he swam around.

"I think I'm gonna use Slowpoke in the contest tomorriow," She said. Meg looked at the pink blob floating, and laughed.

"Do it. It'd be cute! Plus he'll match your summery green dress a little too. You'll look like a watermelon together!" Meg cried, released Gyrados. Genni let Dratini out as well, who swam around happily. They watched their pokemon for awhile, thinking of the contest tomorrow, their silence only broken when Dratini suddenly smacked into Slowpoke, and Slowpoke slowly bit down onto Dratini's tail. Terrified, Dratini squealed and attacked Genni's face, knocking her over onto the dock. Meg laughed.

"Tomorrow's gonna be something alright!"


The set up for the contest was much more extravagant than the tournaments had been. There were booths everywhere for seals, balloons, paraphernalia, and games and such all over the place. there had been a curtained staged set up, and seating around it so that people could look down at the stage while they enjoyed the show.

Meg looked adorable in an adorable pink dress, her hair done up in curls, a bow in her hair. She smiled as people complimented her outfit, her hair and her shoes. Genni was complimented on her dress, looking cute in a yellow spaghetti strap summer dress that was the only thing that she could decide on, and a little yellow flower that had been put into her hair. She smiled nervously, following Meg as they headed for the spot where the contestants were suppose to wait. She spotted Jude, standing by some the hostess of the show, and the other two judges, looking fine in a suit. he smiled a little at the girls as they passed, giving Meg a wink that sent her into hysterics. Genni giggled.

"Hey...isn't that the guy from the seals store?" Genni asked a little while later. The guy from earlier was indeed waiting to go up. He was standing in a dashing black suit and a red tie, his hair done up just right, looking off into the distance in boredom.

"I didn't think someone that classy would enter into this..." Meg said. Genni gave her a look, but shook her head.

"Well there is a pretty good chunk of prize money in this..." Genni said. Meg looked surprised.

"HO yeah?"

"Yeah...you didn't know?"

"NO! THIS MAKES IT SO MUCH BETTER!" Meg cheered, pumped up even more. Genni laughed.

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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 04:49 am (UTC)

The girls entered the cool category under normal rank and sat down, waiting for the contest to begin. There was two catergories before them, cute and smart normal ranks. The winner of the cute was a girl who had a skitty, the winner of the smart was this nerdy kid with a farfetch'd.
Then it was time for theirs, and Genni and Meg got onto the stage with the other two. One was a kid who looked like he thought he was hot shit, dressed in ghetto clothes and the other happened to be the guy from earlier.
"I wonder if he's gonna use his psyduck," Meg whispered to her friend. Genni shrugged.
"Hello and welcome to the cool contest normal rank! I'll be your MC today! And here we have our contestants!" the MC turned to the contestants. "First, is Jack!" he waved a hand towards the kid. "Second is Genni!" his voice was loud, even without the mic. "Third is Meg!" As he announced he moved towards each contestant. "And last but not least is Hayes!" Meg snorted. He who became known as Hayes glanced at her without moving his head.
The MC returned to the left of the stage and turned to the audience. "And now we begin the visual contest! Our contestants will step behind the curtain to prepare their pokemon visually to compliment the theme! They will get 60 seconds! The theme is: The casual!" The four were escorted to the back of the curtain where they prepared their pokemon with accessories. Once the 60 seconds passed, they went according to number.
"First is Jack, who has entered with Spearow!" As the curtain lifted, a spearow wearing a green feather on its head with a pieces of fluff on its wings. The crowd gave off a small clap and the curtain fell.
"Up second is Genni, who is riding on Slowpoke!" the curtain lifted again, and Slowpoke was there, a pair of glasses on its face and a white fluff on its back. A moderate applause came from the crowd and the curtain fell again. Next, was Meg.
"Third is Meg, who is relying on GYARADOS?!" the MC cracked, the curtain rising to reveal Gyarados, who had a bow on its head and another one one of its fins, a mini stache above its lip. The crowd gasped, but a moderate clap as well. Genni facepalmed. Meg cheered Gyrados and the curtain fell.
"And last, is Hayes with Eevee!" The curtain raised, and an Eevee with ribbon around its neck, apparently not part of the accessories, a white fluff on its chest and a humming note. The crowd's applause stronger than the others, the curtain fell.
"Next up is the dance competition!"


The pokemon danced, Gyarados frightening the crowd but doing fairly well. Slowpoke messed up once, but only because he was going so slow. Eevee didn't miss a single move and the spearow messed up the most.
"I can't believe you entered with Gyarados. What happened to Luxio?" Genni whispered while the pokemon danced.
"Well I was going to entere Luxio, but I thought about how he could use a rest, you know? I battle with him the most and he's always being so alert. I gave him the day off I suppose," she said, patting his pokeball. "Besides, Gyarados deserves from lovin," she smiled. Genni sighed and looked over at the other contestants, the kid Jack seemed fairly upset at his pokemon's poor standing; Hayes seemed uninterested.
"That's it for the dance competition, now lets move on to the moves!"

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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 04:50 am (UTC)


Spearow went first, using peck towards the female judge, giving himself 3 hearts and causing the voltage to go up. Next was Meg, who had Gyarados use Dragon Rage to one of the male judges, gaining herself three hearts and upping the voltage. Genni went up after, Slowpoke using Tackle towards the girl. The voltage went down, as she didn't use a cool move and gained three hearts.
"Wait, why'd the voltage go down?" She whispered to Meg.
"You didn't use a cool move," Meg whispered back.
A Meg went to respond, Hayes interjected. "You use moves that are categorized on certain contest categories. If you use them you make the voltage go up and get a better response. You should've known that when you entered," he gave her a smug look. Meg flashed a scowl at him.
"Thanks, but I think I can handle telling my friend what's up," Hayes shrugged.
"After last time I'm surprised you knew how to put that dress on," he scoffed. Meg balled her fists.
"Meg, calm down. Focus on the competition," Genni sighed.
As Eevee performed Quick Attack at Jude, Genni felt her face turn red from embarassement. She entered a competition that wasn't even aimed at the pokemon she had entered with.
The next round went on, placing Genni in third to go, Hayes always last as he would gain the most points next to Meg.
"I'm going to lose," Genni sighed. Meg patted her on the shoulder.
"No, you'll win against him," she said, pointing to the kid.
"Because that makes me feel so much better. Can't I forfeit?" she asked, not mentioning she felt like an idiot in front of Jude to save herself from Meg's jokes. Meg smiled and shook her head.
"Sorry sweety but you're stuck with me,"

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 05:19 am (UTC)

The next attack rounds went, the kid going first, followed by Genni who hid her red face as she murmured for Slowpoke to use yawn. He yawned, and to her growing mortification, put the middle judge to sleep. She scooped Slowpoke up and scurried off the stage. Meg went next, using a flawless dragon rage, earning her enough points to surpass Hayes. Hayes went last with Eevee, and used quick attack once more. To Meg's annoyance, he was first once more.

The four stood in line on the stage as the judges tallied up their points, then turned to their contestants. The man in charge of the entire ceremony stood, adjusting his large girth, and raised the list to his face.

"In last place, we have Ms. Genni Small, who though gave quite an adorable performance with her and her Slowpoke, in third we have Mr. Jack, who entered with a thrilling show of himself and his Spearrow. The runner up in our competition we have Mr. Hayes, with his very dashing Eevee, and then finally Ms. Meg, who gave a very daring and interesting show with her handsome Gyarados. Wonderful balance of cute and cool, my dear!" The contest chairmen cried, and went to give Meg her ribbon. It was a deep yellow color, which she happily took and showed it to her practically glowing Gyarados.

Genni looked sad, coming in last, but she leaned down and picked up her Slowpoke, smiling and giving him a kiss.

"Good job Slowpoke. You did great. Even though I did a horrible job of checking your moves before entering..." She murmured.

"Yeah right! Your Slowpoke was terrible! I'm surprised it could even do moves!" The ghetto brat Jack cried. Genni's expression saddened even more. She felt a shadow at her side, and she looked at Jude, squeaking a little. He gave the kid a dirty look.

"Scram, brat," He snarled, and Murkrow, who was sitting on his head, sent the kid running screaming. Genni smiled sadly at him, turning red as he looked back down at her.

"Hey. You did good. Slowpoke looked just excited to be out there with you," Jude said, rubbing Slowpoke's head. Genni nodded.

"He had fun..." She murmured, rubbing his chin as his eyes slowly squeezed shut in contentment. Jude smiled a little.

"You probably would have won if you had chosen the right competition for him. It was an accident," Jude said. Genni smiled a little.

"What? No comments about how his ugliness was what caused us to loose?" Genni asked. Jude laughed.

"Hey, I only said your pokemon was ugly until I realized how the trainer's cute just made them cuter. I don't like water or grass pokemon," He said. His name was called by someone in the crowd, and he excused himself. Genni squeezed Slowpoke happily.

"He said I was cute..." Blushing excitedly, she ran off to find Meg.


Meg was in ninja mode. She had spotted Hayes disappear around a corner, and she was on the hunt to find out how the bastard had won so easily. What she found instead was him talking to a group of Team Lazarus grunts, snapping at them.

"You are a bunch of IDIOTS for showing your face here! Change into street clothes IMMEDIATELY!" He barked. The men saluted him, followed by "yes sir!" and ran for. Meg watched in disbelief.

"He works for Team Losers?!" Meg cried. She realized too late that her cry was waaay too loud, and Hayes looked up, his eyes narrowed. He spotted her immediately, hiding behind a barrel.

"You!" He shouted, and suddenly Meg was running, skirting through the crowd and bolting for her life.

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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 05:48 am (UTC)

Genni decided to wait for her friend by the park entrance, knowing if Meg hadn't called her by then she would just meet her up somehow. She leaned against a part of the gate, looking around. Slowpoke was back in his ball, Pichu released and resting on her shoulder. He began to jump up and down, squeaking and pointing at something on the ground. Genni looked down, noticing a shine coming from a rock shaped like a crown near her foot.
She leaned down and picked it up. It was fairly heavy but was slightly small.
"Oh, looks like you found a King's rock," an old man said, smiling at her as he walked out.
"King's...rock?" the old man nodded.
"You should hold onto it, you could use it later once you find out what to do," he said, wandering down the street. Genni smiled and pocketed it.
Just as she did, Meg came flying by, causing Pichu to almost topple off of Genni's shoulder.
"MEG!" Genni yelled.
"MEET ME AT THE DOCK!" her friend yelled behind her, running off. Within a few seconds, Hayes was right after her. Genni was afraid of what Meg had done.
"What...did she get herself into now?" Genni asked aloud.
She turned to follow after her friend, catching a glimpse of a man who looked very much like one of Team Lazarus from the night in the bulding.
"YOU!" he yelled, pointing at her. Genni squeaked and ran after her friend.


Meg tried to lose her persuer in Old Port, but he obviously knew the area well, following her through Milk St. and down the small alley next to the Pizza place.
Once near the docks, however, he seemed to lose her.
"Shit," he muttered, running off to the next dock. Meg poked her head out from her hiding place behind crates in a boat and sighed heavily, pulling out her phone and sending a text to Genni.
"Where are you? I gotta tell you something big," she hit send, holding her bell charms and turned her phone on silent, waiting for a response.
She didn't have to wait long, the sound of someone being chased coming from the dock over causing her to look up, catching a glimpse of Genni running from the two in the park earlier, attempting to hop into the boat next to her.
Meg held her breath and Genni slipped, falling into the water. The Lazarus dweebs fled before she hit the water.
"GENNI!" Meg yelled, jumping from the boat and giving off her position as Hayes came running up. Meg jumped into the next boat, looking around in the water for her friend.
Genni's head popped up as she gasped for breath. As Meg went to grab her, Genni went back down, her foot snagged on a piece of rope.
"FUCK! GENNI!" Meg screamed, ready to pull out Gyarados when Hayes came up behind her, grabbing her by the wrist. "LET GO OF ME, JACKASS!" Meg tried to pull her arm back, only to get yanked up.
Genni released Slowpoke, who tried to help her to the surface, but he couldn't get a good enough grasp on her plus his body still moved slow in the water.
As he nudged her from her back, the King's Rock popped out of her pocket, hitting Slowpoke on the head. Those on the surface got a glimpse of a yellow-y light emit from the water and Genni to be pushed out of the water by a Slowking. Everyone stared in disbelief, Meg taking this opportunity to yank her arm free and pull her friend onto the boat. Slowking pulled itself up too, coming to settle by Genni who was gasping for air.
"You o-" Hayes grasped Meg's arm and yanked her off the boat and onto the dock.
"What..what are you doing?" Genni said between breaths, staring wide-eyed at her friend being pulled off by Hayes.
"Make-out session," he said, yanking Meg to her feet.
"LIKE HELL!" Meg yelled as she was carted off by Hayes, leaving Genni stranded with her newly evolved Slowking.

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)

Meg stared at Hayes coolly as he paced back and forth in front of her. Her arms were tied behind her chair, her legs pinned to the legs of the chair.

"I'll NEVER TALK!" She cried. Hayes glanced at her, leaning against the table.

"That's what we want you to DO."

"Oh. Uh...then...why am I still here?"

"We're making sure you don't talk."

"...I'm not gonna. We were just over this," Meg said, a little annoyed. Hayes groaned.

"We have to make sure you don't," he said.

"How? Make me cry? I won't cry. I'll stab you in the foot first!" Meg cried. Hayes looked surprised.

"Oh you will, will you? How do you expected to do that stuck in that chair?" Hayes asked.

"I'm a ninja. I'm not even IN this chair," Meg said conspiratorially. Hayes cocked his head to one side.

"You're a peppy little shit, aren't you?"

"You're a dumbass who asks rhetorical questions, aren't you?" Meg returned. Hayes looked annoyed.

"So, what, are you like a lieutenant or something?" Meg asked. Hayes shrugged.

"You're the ninja. You tell me," Hayes retorted. Meg smirked.

"Touche, ass," She said. Hayes nodded. He looked up when one of his grunts ran do the door.

"Commander...we have a problem. The gyarados is out of its pokeball..." Teh grunt said, out of breath. Meg giggled. They had taken her pokeballs, but they were sure in for a surprise.

"The Luxio is out too and it's shocking everything!" The other grunt said. Hayes glanced at Meg, then at the grunts.

"Bring me her pokeballs, and she can take her pokemon and get out," Hayes snapped. Meg looked surprised.

"What? No cruel and unusual torture?" She asked. Hayes smirked.

"Oh no. That'll come later, honey," He said, and left the room stiffly. Meg straightened in her seat, and smiled at the men, who looked at her in confusion. She frowned.



"You were...what?" Genni blinked at Meg later that night, sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of pajama pants and tank top. Jude sat beside her, looking equally perplexed by the ridiculous tale Meg had just relayed.

"You're full of shit. Team Lazarus doesn't kidnap and then just...LET people walk out," Jude said. They were eating pizza that Jude had ordered, much to Meg's horror, after coming home to find they hadn't waited for her to make dinner, and instead got to work using their own devices.

"I'm not full of shit! Hayes is a commander for Team Lazarus or something!" Meg cried.

"Then why would he enter a pokemon contest? Seems kind of strange...plus he said you guys were gonna go...make out? Why would he say that?" Genni said.

"Cuzz he wants my shit? I DUNNO!" Meg cried. Genni and Jude exchanged a look. Meg huffed and collasped into a chair.

"Whatever guys. Don't believe me. But you will next time I catch him!"

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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 06:32 am (UTC)

Genni was up and ready for work, a cup of coffee her breakfast as Meg had slept in, most likely from the previous events. She had released Gyarados from his ball, most likely in a treat for doing so well in the contest and helping her get out of her little predicament. Genni and Jude had to step over the tail that had taken up most of the hallway.
"So you work at the pokemon center?" Jude asked, sitting at the table.
"Yeah, that's mainly why we rent the other room, doesn't pay as much as my old job did," she said, readying her uniform. "What do you do?" Genni asked.
"I write articles for the pokemon magazine, and I do pokemon tournaments," Genni nodded.
"That's pretty cool. I wish I had time to do that," she sighed and looked up at the clock. "I gotta go, have a good day!" she smiled and left, heading to work.
Meg stumbled out of her room and upon sight of Jude turned back around and headed for it again. "Oh hell no," she mumbled, pulling Gyarados' tail into her room and slamming the door shut. Jude laughed.


Jude had decided to visit Genni while she was working, and popped in, settling himself down on the counter.
"Oh, hey! What's up, did Meg kick you out?" Genni asked, almost ready to pull her phone out of her pocket and call her to scold her.
"No, just visiting. I actually don't know where she i-" Jude was cut off by Meg popping up next to her friend, giving both of them a mild jump.
"Right here, Creepy McCreeperson," She folded her arms across her chest.
"How...how the hell did you do that?!" he asked, flabberghasted.
"I'm a ninja. How many times do I have to say that?" Meg scowled. Jude shook his head.
"Well ninja yourself to the other side of the counter," Genni said, shooing her. Meg sighed and hopped over, settling at one of the tables.
"Don't you have to work?" Jude asked. Meg shrugged.
"I still have days off due to my injury at the tournament," Meg said, pointing to her ears. Jude nodded.
"I forgot about that. Left before it happened," he sighed, leaning against the counter.
"Well yeah," Meg turned to look at him. "And what about you? Don't you have work?" Meg asked.
"Article's not due for a few more days," he answered, a smile across his face. This meant he could annoy the fuck out of her and keep an eye on Genni. Meg groaned and slid herself down onto the table.

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 06:40 am (UTC)

Genni watched the two hover for awhile while she went and checked on the wild pokemon that had gotten hurt in the previous days. She found the oddish running around in its cage was good enough to be put into the adoption center, and yelped when she opened the cage and it bolted through her legs, running into the main lobby. She chased it, finally catching it by jumping on it. It squealed and wiggled until she tickled it into submission, and it snuggled into her lap, closing its eyes and mewing happily. Genni giggled and rubbed it's orbous head.

"Naughty squirt..." She giggled and scooped him back up, heading back into the back room and putting him away.

Jude watched from a couch in the corner, him and Meg still lurking. He sipped a soda Genni had gotten him slowly, his eyes watching her.

"You really are a creeper," he heard Meg say. He glanced at the Luxio that was breathing into his face angrily, and then looked away.

"It wouldn't be quite as creepy if you wouldn't let me flirt like I want..." Jude grumbled.

"FLIRTING MY ASS! You can flirt when your dead," Meg growled. Jude snorted.

"That can be arranged..."


"There's a field out back. Let's use that. Winner gets to decide Genni's fate," Jude snapped. Meg growled.

"GREAT! I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU!" Meg cried. She bounded up, Luxio following her, and headed for the back battlefield.

"BRB GENNI. WE'RE GONNA GO FIGHT FOR YOUR AFFECTIONS!" Meg shouted as the door slammed behind them. Genni adjusted the box of pokeballs she was holding and blinked.


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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 06:49 am (UTC)

Imagine, if you will. A field laying behind the building, the wind swaying a tree nearby along with the grass that surrounds our two trainers. Their faces showing determination, no words between them. In one of their hands each a pokeball, their favored ones inside, ready to duel. The first to move, the young woman who releases her Luxio, sparks emitting from his body as he growls at the young man. The pokeball in his hand commands a Misdreavous to flout out, the wind swaying her plasma hair.
A moment of silence between them, as each sizes up the other.
And then it begins.
"LUXIO, SPARK!" The girl yells, her pokemon grunting and running towards the other, its body readying the attack,
"MISDREAVOUS, AVOID HIS ATTACK AND USE NIGHT SHADE!" the other has placed its order, and the Misdreavous follows through. Luxio comes to skidding halt, the Night shade taking a toll on him.
"LUXIO!" the trainer yells out, concern for her pokemon who takes the attack and unleashes its own, the impact on the Misdreavous moderate.
Things are heated up, both trainers will not sway so easi-
"CUT THE SHIT GUYS!" Genni barked from the buiding. Both trainers turned to look at her, their competetive spirit lost.
"But, but fighting for your affections!" Meg whined. Genni shot her a look. "Awwww," she groaned.
"Come inside and have lunch with me," she shut the window she had been leaning out and the two recalled their pokemon, sulking back inside.
"Rematch at a later date?" Meg asked. Jude nodded.
"Sounds good,"

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 07:10 am (UTC)

"There's an oddish on my plate," Meg said simply, blinking as the Oddish from earlier settled onto her plate and leaned down to steal bites of her sandwich. It smiled at her happily as Genni gently leaned over and took it back, holding it in her lap.

"Grass pokemon seem to like you," Jude said, eating his own sandwich as he watched the Oddish snuggle happily. Genni nodded.

"Well my first pokemon was a bulbasaur..." Genni said, munching her sandwich in between giving bites to the little blue orb with a green hair do.

"What's your favorite type?" Genni asked. Jude started to answer, but Meg interupted.

"Obviously ones that SUCK-"

"Not as hard as yoooours," Jude chimed back. Meg nearly through her sandwich at his head, but the Oddish had walked onto the table and was doing a cute little dance for Genni, who clapped with delight.

"YOU were saved by the oddish buddy," Meg grumbled, shoving the rest of her sandwich in her mouth. Jude chortled and sucked down his drink.

"I know you guys are rivals or whatever...but cool it in the building, okay?" Genni said. The oddish cutely nodded its head in agreement and went back to dancing, this time swaying in front of Meg. Meg cheered it on and it happily skipped off back to play with the other Oddish Genni had put in the adoption center. There were children sticking their faces into the play pen, pulling out Oddish and begging their mothers, some refusing. Genni finished eating and returned to work, leaving Meg and Jude to eat in silence.

"She's relaxed here," Jude suddenly said.

"OH YEAH? WELL- wait...what?" Meg asked, expecting an insult instead of that.

"Genni. She seems at peace here. Helping pokemon. She's not squirmy like when she's on stage," Jude observed. Meg looked at her friend.

"Guess you're right. I've never really thought about it," Meg said, she smiled when Genni appeared again, carrying a Meditite out to a trainer who was waiting for him. She handed the little guy over and smiled. There was a five minute pause before they looked at each other.

"Ready to continue our battle?"

"Damn right I am!" They bolted out of their chairs and out onto the field.


Meg had sent out Charmander this time. And to her surprise, Jude sent out a new pokemon.

"What is THAT?" She cried, pulling out her pokedex.

"Mawile, the Deceiver pokemon. Attached to its head is a huge set of jaws formed by Horns. It can chew through Iron beams," the pokedex chirped. Meg gaped.

"Where the hell do you find these things?!" Meg cried. Jude shrugged.

"Around. Ready to fight or what?" he called. Meg growled.

"Grr...CHARMANDER-" Charmander hit the pokemon with Ember. By the time the flames had stopped, Charmander was a little out of breathe. Mawile shook its head and smiled, looking practically unharmed.

"Astonish, Mawile," Jude ordered. Mawile lunged forward and spun, crashing Charmander backwards, sending him reeling, confusion on his face. He sat down for a moment, shaking his head.

"Don't give up Charmander!" Meg cried. The back door opened and an Oddish came bouncing out happily. The Oddish from before. It wanted to show them a new dance move it learned. Neither trainer saw the little thing.

Charmander hissed and sucked in a deep breath just as Oddish crossed the path. Genni appeared in the doorway and shouted, bolting across the field to where they were fighting.

"ODDISH-" Charmander let loose a powerful ember, and for a moment, the two were engulfed. Genni screamed and released Slowking.

"AH AH AHHH! SLOWKING!" She wailed. Slowking didn't need an order as it put out the flame with water gun. Oddish and Genni were soaked, slightly smoking, Oddish fainted.

Genni's head looked bare. Upon closer inspection, it was clear the hair had been singed off, as well as her eyebrows. Jude and Mary stared as Slowking bent down and helped her to her feet.

"YOU GUYS-" Genni started. She paused when she saw their faces, "What?"

They pointed at her head. She looked up, touching her missing hair, and screamed.


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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 09:12 pm (UTC)

"Just think of all the pretty wigs you can wear!" Meg tried to cheer up her friend, who sat at a table mortified.
"Oh yeah and while I'm at it why don't I just wear matching outfits and explain to people i got strong hair that allows me to constantly dye and grow," she barked. "I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW I'M HAIRLESS!" she yelled.
"Well they're gonna know if you yell it that loud," Meg rebuted. Genni groaned.
"What am I going to dooooo," she whined.
"You could just rock a pixie cut. Of course that doesn't take care of your eyebrows...." Meg pointed out. Genni groaned.
"Well, I'm sorry to leave you guys like this but I have a meeting at 3 and it's 2:40 now," Jude stood and moved away from the table.
"You're in as just as much trouble as she is!" Genni snapped. Jude smiled uneasily and booked it.
"You know, he's the one who told me about the field out back," Meg said, pointing at where Jude had just ran.
"You are the one with a CHARMANDER!" Genni shrieked.
"Actually he's a Charmeleon now! Apparently lighting you up like the burning man inspired him to evolve," Meg said dreamily. "Almost a Charizard!" Genni was not impressed.
"And besides, it's not our fault you weren't keeping track of th oddish. Worst that would've happened is he would've fainted," Meg folded her arms across her chest, a smug look on her face. Genni sighed and got up from the table.
"Well that doesn't bring back my HAIR. So you are going to help me out," she ordered.
"WHAT?!" Meg slammed her hands down on the table.
"Yep. Guess who gets to clean the cages?" a sly look across her face. Meg groaned and stood, stomping into the back.


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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 09:13 pm (UTC)

Meg, being the clean freak she was, had finished with her job of cleaning the cages and flopped down on the floor in the back with a bag of cheetos. Starly was perched on her knees, as she had layed down and was now staring at the ceiling with her knees pulled up. She fed Starly a few of the cheetos and he would gobble them down. Luxio didn't seem to care for them, and began to clean himself.
"I wonder if Charmeleon would enjoy cheetos..." she said to herself, looking around to make sure Genni wasn't around before calling him out of his pokeball. She offered him one, which caused him to sniff at it suspiciously before he gobbled it down.
"Guess you do!" she said happily, right before Charmeleon almost attacked her for the rest of the bag. "Glad I brought more than one," Meg sang, pulling out another one.
Up front, Genni had started to clean the machines and the counters. The Head nurse had left early for the day, and had left Genni til the next shift came in.
She wasn't looking up when the door opened, so when she turned around to greet the person who had walked in, wasn't expecting a Golduck to be staring her in the face and hit her with confusion.
She hit the floor, her body tingling and her head spinning.
"Wha," she couldn't focus, so as Hayes walked behind the counter and kneeled in front of her, she couldn't even figure out what words to say.
He moved towards the cage of Oddishes, getting some type of mechanism ready that would catch them in a smaller cage. Once all the oddishes were in, he stooped to grab the mechanism and stood, straightening the wrinkles in his jacket and moved towards the cages in the back.
Genni was struggling to get up, her body was still tingling as she reached to pull out one of her pokemon. But a leather gloved hand stopped her and her eyes traced it up to Hayes' face, his black hair sleaked back.
"What are you doing?" she mustered up.
"What's it look like? I'm taking the pokemon," he smirked. "Oh? You're that girl that fell in the water, aren't you? Looks like you're having a bad hair day," he let go of her, taking her pokeballs and moved around her towards the back room, only to be stopped by the Oddish from before.
"What- how'd you get over there?" Hayes asked, angrily. The oddish began to dance, but Hayes wasn't about to watch and went to grab it, only to be stun spored.
Genni looked over at the oddish that was now dancing on Hayes' back, stun sporing him continuously. Genni finally pulled herself off the floor and used the counter to hold herself, moving towards the man and pulling her pokeballs out of his hands.
Genni smirked. "Hey Meg!" she called her friend, who came bounding out of the backroom only to halt and stare at the sight.
"What the fuck?" she said, confused.
"I got something for you," Genni cooed. Meg smiled deviously.

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from: nursegenni
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 10:09 pm (UTC)

When Hayes came out of his dizzy state, Meg was leaning against the wall, waiting for him to come out of it.

"Oh hai. This is funny isn't it? Kind of like...the tables have turned or something?" Meg asked cheerfully. Hayes groaned and paled.


"Yeah. Crap. You are soooo fucked, sir. Genni wanted to turn you into the cops, but I told her I would take care of it. She feels bad for you. Know why?" Meg asked. Hayes shook his head. A painful jolt of electricity ripped through his back, and he shouted a curse.

"I have a Luxio."


Genni took care of the pokemon that Hayes had been attempting to kidnap, putting them back into their respected spots and heightening the attention of the Growlithes that were suppose to be guarding the area. One of them had been jolted with confusion. She rubbed its head as it whined and nuzzled her hand.

"We'll have to up your training, guys," She said, smiling at the Growlithe as they smiled happily at her.

She looked after Hayes' pokemon next. Much to her amusement, the Goldduck was very happy to be loved by her, happily holding onto her while she gently sprayed potion into a wash cloth and cleaned his injuries from a fight he had previously. He followed her around the back room, and hugged her when she tried to return him to the pokeball.

"You're so sweet...why would he try to use you for bad things...?" Genni cooed while she rubbed it's bill. It snuggled into her arms, and she smiled.

"He won't be pleased," She said. She looked up when Meg came out, Luxio dragging an unconscious Hayes with her.

"Lets dump him near the docks!" Meg said happily. Goldduck was unconcerned with it's trainer, not even sparing a glance at him.

"We're just gonna let him go?" Genni asked. Meg nodded.

"Sure. He let me go, so I'll return the favor. He knows not to steal from the center anymore though!" Meg said, patting Luxio's head approvingly. Genni shook her head, and nodded. She released her Slowking.

"Slowking, use Pyschic," She said. Slowking nodded, and the man floated up into the air. Meg grabbed the floating carcass and headed for the docks, Goldduck and Luxio right behind her.

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from: commandermeg
date: Feb. 1st, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)

Meg disposed of Hayes at the dock, sticking the pokeball holding Golduck back into his pocket.
"Sorry, fella," she said, patting the pocket. "You know, i'm impressed you got that psyduck to a golduck so quickly. But then again, it's you. And I'm not so impressed anymore," she turned, patting Slowking on the back as he had accompanied her.
"Have fun!" she waved, Hayes still unconcious, as she skipped back to the pokemon center. She didn't see Hayes pull himself up off the dock, his face full of anger as he struggled to hold himself up to pull a cell phone out of his pocket.


Genni's shift ended and the two headed back to the apartment, Genni stopping at a store to see what she could do about her eyebrows.
"What are we having for dinner?" Meg asked her as she stooped to look at nail polish.
"Dunno, Chicken parm?" Genni asked. Meg nodded in approval.


Meg prepared dinner for them, serving herself and Genni.
"What about me?" Jude said, staring at the girl as she ate.
"Remember the rule about don't touch my food?" Genni slid him her plate and prepared herself her own. "NEVER GIVE INTO THE ENEMY'S DEMANDS!" Meg yelled as Genni sat back down, digging into her own food.


Jude did dishes, much to Meg's disproval and the three settled down in the living room as Meg and Genni recanted their encounter.
"This dude must really like you if he's always popping up around you," Jude said to Meg, who shrugged.
"Maybe I should put 'NOT INTERESTED' on my forehead and he'll leave me alone," Meg said.
"I don't think he knew you were in there, otherwise he would've gone somewhere else," Genni said.
"Maybe. But then again he did say something that hinted towards cruel and unusual punishment in the future. Maybe he like's it kinky," Meg pondered, calling forth laughter from the other two.

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