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I'm your number 1

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Jan. 26th, 2010 | 07:43 pm
posted by: commandermeg in pokeballpopped

Weather:warm, some shade
Setting:Park, Battle Tournament

Meg had skipped happily the entire way, plopping herself down in the sign-up line. When she finally reached the front, the woman who looked strikingly like the one from the Pokemon Center was handing people a paper with their numbers and a set of rules.
"Hello, name please!" Meg gave the woman her name and was handed a piece of paper with the number 5 on it. "Please pin this to yourself and review these rules. You're allowed to heal your pokemon only between battles. Limit is 4 pokemon per person. Also, please keep your pokemon in their balls when not battling. Enjoy yourself!" she smiled happily as Meg entered the area, popping her pokemon into their pokeballs. Genni was behind her, also registering and getting the number 6. After she did the same move of putting her pokemon into their balls they were ushered over to a viewing area and told who they were battling. Meg would be going against the number 2 while Genni went against number 3.
There was one battle before them according to the scoreboard set up behind the judges tables on the right of the park. There was a slight crowd that had begun to grow since the girls had arrived. There were a few people they had recognized from off the street but also a few they had never seen. There was also a large group of people who were dressed in almost identical clothing that had littered themselves throughout the entire crowd. Genni eyed them suspiciously.
"Those guys look creepy," she whispered to her friend.
"Who?" Meg looked around, breaking her attention from watching the other trainers come in and trying to find who she was up against. Genni nodded her head towards a few of them.
"Oh yeahhh kinda creepy, don't you think?" Meg laughed. "Maybe they're in a cult and they're looking for virgin sacrifices," Meg mused, but it was short lived as the girls were bumped into fairly hard by a man dressed in similar colored clothing, just a different design. When Meg turned back to look at him, he gave her a disgusted look as if "who the hell said you could stand there?"
"Watch were you're going," Meg snapped. The man glared at her before moving into the crowed. "Creep," Meg folded her arms across her chest.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 01:10 am (UTC)

The arena was much like a basketball sized court with boxes for the trainers to stand in at either end. Genni and Meg went to go sit down, keeping an eye out for their opponents as the group was organized and the first competitors stepped up. The battle was quick, the two men only having three pokemon each, and they consisted of a rattata, a pidgy, a diglet, a spearow, a goldeen, and a caterpie.

Meg was excited because she was up next. She stood in her spot, and grinned excitedly at Genni, who gave her the thumbs up. Her opponent was a young boy with curly black hair. He brought out a squirtle. Meg sent out her shinx.

"let's do this Shinx!" Meg cried. Shinx gave her a confident tail flick and bent in a crouching position. Genni watched with her knees drawn up as Meg stood with such confidence.

"Squirtle, tackle!" The boy cried, pointing epically. The squirtle snapped forward, it's expression dark as it lunged.

"Dodge it, Shinx! Then use tackle!" Meg cried. Shinx leaped up as the squirtle lunged forward, and came down hard on it's shell, sending squirtle flying. The squirtle regained itself and snapped it's jaw at her.

"Water gun!" The boy cried. Meg looked surprised, but Shinx dodged the spray easily.

"Tackle him again, Shinx!" Meg cried. Shinx hissed and lunged, crashed hardly into the turtle. The squirtle fell back and landed hard on its shell. It struggled for a minute, then went slack.

"Squirtle is unable to battle!" The mediator called. The boy returned Squirtle to his pokeball, and Meg waited for him to send out his next pokemon. He threw his next one, and a strange rock pokemon appeared. Genni gasped.

"Holy..." She pulled out her pokedex.

"Geodude. The Rock Pokemon. It is impossible to distinguish from rocks. It slams against others in contests of strength." The pokedex said. Genni gulped.

"Uh oh..." She murmured. Meg didn't look too worried.

"Shinx! Use tackle!" She cried. Shinx lunged forward and tackled the creature. It barely moved, growling.

"Geodude! YOU use tackle!" The boy called. The geodude roared and lunged forward. Shinx was knocked out in one blow.

"No! Shinx!" Meg cried. She looked sad as she returned her pokemon to his pokeball. She sighed and sent out her next pokemon. Charmander. Charmander looked serious as he glowered at the geodude. Meg began to say a command, but instead Charmander growled and set out a layering of flames. It crashed into the Geodude. It looked burnt, but otherwise unharmed.

"Charmander! Use-" Charmander ran at the Geodude and tackled him. The Geodude stumbled backwards, and went limp.

"I thought fire pokemon were weak against rock pokemon!" Someone murmured to another person behind Genni. Genni smiled a little.

"Go Meg!" Genni cried. The boy was out of pokemon.

"Meg is the winner! She will move onto the next round!" The judge cried. Meg cheered and ran to Genni, after returning Charmander to his pokeball.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)

Meg sat down happily and crossed her arms over her chest.
"I'm goooood," she said, smiling triumphantly. Genni laughed as Meg hopped off to heal her pokemon and quickly sat back down as it was Genni's turn.
Her opponant was an older man who looked like he was in his 60's. He smiled at her and Genni smiled back, glad to get an opponant that seemed like a good person. Calling out her Bulbasaur, the old man released a poliwag. The crowd slightly sighed, one person saying "This will be easy," and the battle began.
"Poliwag, use bubble!" the poliwag complied and the bubbles slapped into Bulbasaur's face. He wrinkled his nose, but nonetheless was perfectly fine.
"Bulbasaur, use tackle!" Genni watched as Bulbasaur happily obliged, quickly slamming itself into the poliwag who flew back only to be drawn back into its pokeball. The old man smiled.
"Poliwag has fainted!" the judge announced. People cheered, the loudest being Meg.
"You're pretty tough kid," he pulled out another ball and threw it, it quickly popping open with a Bidoof. Genni could hear Meg laughing hysterically.
"A FUCKIN' BIDOOF? ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!" Genni shot her friend a look of "stfu" but it didn't help.
"Bulbasaur, come on back!" Genni said, throwing the ball that zapped up her pokemon and returned to her hands. "Go, Pichu!" Pichu popped out of it's ball, doing a slight pose. People made "ooh, ah, it's so cute" throughout the crowd.
"Bidoof, use your tackle on him!" The old man ordered. The Bidoof nodded and scampered towards the Pichu who didn't need to be told by Genni to dodge it as it began to run around the fighting area, shaking it's rear end at the Bidoof who didn't seem to understand the gesture and happily chased it.
"Pichu, use your thundershock!" Genni yelled and the Pichu nodded before it's body emitted a large thundershock that stopped the Bidoof in it's tracks. The creature looked confused, a noise coming from it before it flopped down on the ground, beaming back into it's pokeball.
"Old Man Perkins is out of useable pokemon! Genni is the winner of this round!" The crowd cheered and the old man laughed, clapping for his opponent. Genni smiled, withdrew Pichu and settled down next to her friend.
"I SO PWOUD OF YEWWW!" Meg said, hugging her friend.
"We will now take a short break for the second round," the judge announced.
"Wanna get a hot dog? I saw a vender when we came in!" Meg didn't wait for her answer and grabbed Genni, pulling her towards the hot dog stand.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)

Genni got up and went with her. She healed her Pichu and Bulbasaur before meeting up with Meg in the hot dog line. She let out Pichu, who happily sat on her shoulder and giggled, proud of himself.

"You're so good," Genni murmured, kissing Pichu on the nose. Suddenly Pichu was blushing and covering his face. Genni shook her head and laughed.

From across the grass field, Slowpoke was making its sloooow approach toward Genni and Meg. It made a loooong call, but it didn't reach Genni's ears.

A few more people went after them, and then it was time to start the next rounds. While Genni and Meg waited for them to make the new competition opponents, Genni scanned Bulbasaur's pokeball with her pokedex.

"What are you doing? I didn't know you could do that..." Meg said, peering at the pokedex.

"I just want to make sure he's okay...hey! He knows a new move!" Genni cried. Meg leaned in even closer.

"Really? What?" Meg asked.

"Uhh...leech seed," Genni said. This made Meg check her pokemon.

"Dude! Bite! Niiiiice," Meg giggled evilly. Genni shook her head. They watched the first round go past, and then the second group. Meg was next, confidence written all over her face. She jumped up and headed onto the court.

Her opponent was a sassy looking blond girl dressed in a tiny skirt and big hoop earrings. She tossed out her pokemon. A cute looking Pachirisu. Meg sent out Shinx.

The battle was short, and by the end of it, the girl was stomping her foot. She called her pokemon back and sent out another one. An adorable smoochum. Meg kept Shinx out for this battle.

"Shinx, use bite!" meg cried. Shinx charged, teeth wide and ready to bring the smoochum down.

"Smoochum! Sweet kiss!" The girl cooed. Smoochum giggled and blew a kiss to Shinx. Shinx froze in his tracks. For a moment, he stared, then he looked dazed, and his tongue lulled out. Genni laughed.

"Damnit Shinx! Now is not the time to be into chicks!" Meg screamed, waving her arms frantically, "use Bite!" Shinx looked at her and growled, shaking his head.


"Smoochum! Pound attack! Go!" The girl cried. Smoochum leaped into the air, and with a force like a bulldozer, came down hard on Shinx. Shinx fainted.

"Shinx is unable to battle!" The judge called as Meg drew him back. She sent out Charmander.

"Charmander! Listen to me okay?! Smoochums a little hussy! Don't let her sweet kiss you! She's lying!"

"DON'T CALL MY SMOOCHY-KINS A HUSSY!" The girl shrieked. Meg flipped her off.

"YOU'RE RIGHT. SHE'S A HOE!" Meg cried. Smoochum even looked upset. She attacked Charmander without a command from the girl.

"Charmander! Use Ember!" Meg cried. Charmander opened its mouth and pelleted the smoochum with a wave of fire. Smoochum went down hard, smoking slightly.

"Smoochum is unable to battle!" The judge called. The girl brought her back, and sent out her next pokemon. A small, adorable pink thing blinked at them.

"Oh, that's a jigglypuff!" Genni cried, getting the pokemon immediately.

"Jigglypuff! Use Sing!" The girl shrieked. The jigglypuff raised her microphone to her lips and opened her mouth.

"CHARMANDER! QUICK TACKLE HER!" Meg screamed. Charmander tackled, then blew her away with Ember right after. The girl was out of pokemon. Meg had won.


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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 02:13 am (UTC)

The girl looked like she would start crying but quickly ran off the stage. Meg called back Charmander and skipped happily to sit down next to Genni.
"That's whats up!" Meg yelled, causing a few people to look at her. Genni patted her on the back and waited for her turn. Meg did as she had before and healed her pokemon while Genni went up.
The opponant this time was a young boy wearing a sun hat and a wife beater.
"HAH THIS KIDS A BUG CATCHER!" Meg yelled out.
"Thanks for that," Genni sighed to herself. And indeed he was.
The boy drew out a Caterpie and Genni sent out Pichu, who sat down and waved its head back and forth in a happy manner.
"Caterpie, use string shot!" the Caterpie squirted a sticky string from its mouth, aiming for Pichu.
"Pichu, dodge it and use thunderbolt!" Pichu sadly missed and was hit by the string shot. It now struggled with the sticky substance that was making it hard to move.
"Good, Caterpie! Now use tackle!" the boy called. Pichu was caught off guard and hit by the Caterpie's attack, making an exasperated noise as he flew back.
"Pichu is unable to fight!" the judge announced and Genni drew the pokemon back.
"Alright, Bulbasaur. It's all up to you!" Genni threw out the pokeball, launching Bulbasaur into the battle.
"Caterpie, string shot again!" But this time Genni was quick.
"Dodge the attack and use leech seed!" Bulbasaur dodged the Caterpie's stringshot and dropped tiny seeds onto the Caterpie. Within a few seconds the Caterpie's hp was drained, giving some to Bulbasaur who didn't need it.
"Use tackle next!" Genni yelled and Bulbasaur complied, catching the Caterpie off guard. It fell back and fainted.
"Caterpie has fainted!" the Judge's voice echoed and a few people cheered. The boy recalled the fainted pokemon and threw out his last, a Metapod.
"FER SERIOUS?!" Meg yelled from the crowd. A few people were getting annoyed with her random outbursts and gave her looks. A gleam came from Genni's eyes as her competitive streak showed.
"Bulbasaur, tackle!" Bulbasaur charged at the metapod, who was instantly ordered to harden. The pokemon took the attack and staggered bck, but was still standing.
"Alright Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!" The same shower of seeds spread around the Metapod, dragging out some of it's hp.
"Metapod, use harden!" Metapod's body shined quickly as it's body became much harder. Genni ordered another tackle, which left the Metapod with very little left in it until the leech seed dragged it out of him and it fainted.
"Joey is out of useable pokemon! Genni wins!" the judge proclaimed, and Genni cheered while withdrawing Bulbasaur.
"Looks like these two are tearing through the rounds! Will there be anyone to beat them? Stick around, folks as we have another round coming up!"

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)

Slowpoke was NEARLY there! He could see her! She was healing her pokemon and laughing with Meg. His happiness warmed his slowly beating heart. Genni would be his.


They watched the next few rounds, sipping sodas and checking their pokemon for more moves. Pichu had learned Charm.

"Very cool. Hopefully it comes in handy in the next rounds..." Genni said. Meg nodded, getting up to go for her battle.

Her opponent this time was a handsome, rich looking male in a suit. He smiled and winked at her, hoping to charm her with his smile before beating her senseless with his pokemon.

"How about a date if I win this?" The guy called. Genni's eyebrows rose.

"How about you jump into the ocean if you win? and if I win, you jump off a cliff?" Meg called back, sending out her Charmander. The man shrugged and sent out a Marill. Genni paled.

"Uh oh," She plucked out her pokedex for this one.

"Marill. The Aquamouse Pokemon. Using its tail as a float, it can dive underwater. It likes eating plants found at the bottom of rivers," It said. Genni gulped.

"It's a water pokemon..." She whispered. Was going to be hard to beat with her charmander, be it a fire type.

Unfortunately for Meg, her charmander was knocked out cold by one bubble beam and a water gun, and returned to the pokeball. Shinx came out next. The man returned his marill to the pokeball and sent out his next one. A Chikorita.

"Chikorita, the leaf pokemon. It uses the leaf on its head to check humidity and temperature. It loves to sunbathe."

"Chikorita! Use vine whip!" The man called. Chikorita nodded and sent Shinx flying, crumbled on one side of the stage. He jumped back onto his paws though, shaking off the attack and growling.

"Shinx, tackle now!" Meg cried.

"Dodge it Chikorita!" The guy cried back. Chikorita dodged and used razor leaf next. Shinx went down, out for the count.

"Oh no..." Genni whispered. Meg blinked at the last pokemon she had left. Magickarp. She sighed and let him loose. Unfortunately, Magickarp was knocked right out, after using a meager attempt at splash, and flail.

"Magickarp is unable to battle, Richard is our winner!" The judge cried. The audience clapped, and Richard smirked at Meg.

"Still interested in that date?" He called. Meg huffed and turned her nose up at him.

"Like I was ever interested," She snapped, and went to heal her pokemon at the station. When she returned to Genni, she was miserable.

"I'm sorry honey...maybe next time..." Genni murmured. Meg nodded. Genni stood to enter.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 03:08 am (UTC)

Genni made her way up and watched as her opponant reached the stage. It was the guy from earlier, the one who had bumped into Meg when they were waiting for the tournament to begin. Genni felt uneasy, but released Bulbasaur. The man released a Raticate, to which everyone gasped at. The only pokemon that had been used in an evolved form was a metapod, but everyone knew how easy it was to get to. Meg popped out her pokedex and aimed it at the Raticate.
"Raticate, the mouse pokemon. It whittles its constantly growing fangs by gnawing on hard things. It can chew apart cinder walls," Meg was slightly disturbed by the description but tucked her pokedex away and watched intently as the battle began.
Bulbasaur first used leech seed that went down without fail. The raticate was then ordered to perform bite to which Bulbasaur barely dodged. Bulbasaur went to attack, using tackle and it hit the Raticate. The opponant's pokemon fell back but quickly got back up, this time using bite and hitting. The blow struck Bulbasaur hard and caused him to flinch. Genni balled her fists nervously, afraid to allow her pokemon to go into further harm but knew if she didn't, he would just be attacked again.
With that, Bulbasaur tried to plant another tackle onto the Raticate, who had its life sucked to return some to Bulbasaur, but it wasn't enough to keep the Raticate's fangs from doing him in.
"Bulbasaur has fainted!" The judge announced and Genni withdrew it back into its pokeball.
"It's ok, bud. You did good," she said, pulling out Pichu's pokeball and releasing him.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 03:16 am (UTC)

Luckily for Pichu, Raticate was an easy match, and with one thunderbolt it was knocked out. Breathing a little easier, Genni waited for the male to send out his next pokemon. He sent out Murkrow.

Pichu looked determined, but Genni didn't look so good.

"Pichu...use thunderbolt!" She cried. Pichu obeyed, but this time Murkrow dodged, and cackled with glee. Before Genni could react, Murkrow came down hard on her Pichu with a peck attack, and Pichu was out for the count.

"Oh...darnit..." Genni whispered, stepping out to scoop up her poor Pichu. Pichu looked disappointed. '

"Its okay Pichu. You did good," She murmured, and carried him to the medical station to get checked. Both out of the game, they lost interest, and headed home.


Slowpoke watched in agony as Genni and Meg headed home. DAMNIT.


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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)

The two entered into their apartment, drooping onto the furniture in the living room. Meg released Charmander and Shinx from their balls and slumped on the couch. Genni sat down in the chair, staring at the ceiling, her pokemon already released from their pokeballs prior to getting back to the apartment.
"I'm so disappointed in myself that I don't even want to eat," Shinx seemed to have the same thought as he curled onto the couch next to her. Charmander could care less and began picking through things in the house.
Genni sighed. "We can't act this beat just because we lost," she said, making Meg nod and give a slight "mhm" in agreement. The silence was too much, and Meg flicked on the TV, just to give the place some type of noise.
"IT APPEARS THAT LAST NIGHT BURGLARY AT THE POKEMON RESEARCH CENTER WAS JUST ONE OF MANY THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY," The newscaster reported. Genni looked up and saw something that looked suspicious, a man who looked all too familiar behind the news crew.
"Ughhhhh don't caaaare," Meg flipped the channel to go to something more entertaining, stopping on Chowder.
"Yaaaay!" she smiled happily. Genni grabbed the controller from her quickly and flicked it back. "Hey! That was Chowder!" Meg whined in protest only to stop as she turned to see her friend staring at the TV intently.
"That man...he was the guy I went against last," Genni said, pointing to the TV. Meg averted her gaze back to the TV and sat up to see better.
"Ohhhyeaaaah. So?" She flopped back down, sticking a pillow under her head. Genni sighed.
"Don't you think it was suspicious that he was there and at the pokemon tournament? And those people had the same type of colored uniform on. That was what was the weirdest part," Genni had an analytical face about her.
"Yeah. Maybe they're a part of some club," Meg shrugged. "Or like I said earlier, part of a cult," Meg smiled at the thought of her comment.
"No, I don't think so,"

Meg had come to the brilliant idea of taking a shower with Magikarp, who flailed around the tub. One wouldn't be sure if he was happy or freaking out. Either way, Meg didn't care and sang to it while she washed her hair, being careful to not get any on the Magikarp.
"I have to register you tomorrow!" she cooed. "And then begins the intense training!" If anyone were in the bathroom, they would've seen Meg punch a fist into the air.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)

After dinner, Genni took a shower, bringing Bulbasaur and Pichu with her, who were still pouting from their loss at the tournament today. She cheered them up by affectionately blow drying Pichu dry, making his fur fluff up happily, and then combed it out with a soft bristle brush. She rubbed Bulbasaur dry, much to his delight, and then getting into her pajamas, she headed into the living room to watch a movie with Meg and her pokemon.

The movie she chose was a scary one, and by the end of it Genni was hiding behind a pillow. Bulbasaur tried to calm her by rubbing his face into her body, and Pichu watched with wide eyed amazement.

Shinx took a nap through the movie, and Charmander lost interest in the gore and the ghosts halfway through. By the time it was over, Genni was concerned about going to bed.

"Maybe we should sleep in the living room..." Genni suggested. Meg knew her weak heart, and agreed.

"Fine, but I want to build a FORT!" Meg cried. Genni agreed and they gathered all their furniture and chairs and pillows and blankets and made the biggest, probably the most impressive fort in the universe. Charmander wanted nothing to do with it, and slept in the kitchen, while Shinx slept on the porch. The girls and Genni's pokemon slept under the fort.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 03:53 am (UTC)

The girls were abruptly woken by the smell of smoke coming from one part of the apartment. Meg, being the light sleeper she was, popped her head up and started yelling.
"FIRE FIRE OMG FIRE GENNI GET UP FIRE GET THE COMPUTER!" Genni sat up almost immediately and looked around confused.
"Huh, what?" Meg nearly took down the fort trying to get up and ran into the kitchen only to stop and see that Charmander had found popcorn and was trying to make it using his tail.
"False alarm. The pyro was making a snack," Meg took the popcorn from Charmander and began to pop it over the stove, slightly upsetting him but he took the popped popcorn either way.
Meg collapsed in a kitchen chair and gazed at the clock. It was about 9am, and Meg knew she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.
"Want some breakfast?" Meg called to Genni, who groaned and pulled the covers over her head.
"No," Genni said firmly.
"Suit yourself," Meg went to the fridge and began taking things out to prepare omelets, making sure to include some vegetables to feed to Bulbasaur and began preparing herself a bacon and cheese one. Shinx had slinked up, watching her as she made the food and getting bites of bacon that were handed to him. Charmander sat under the table, munching on his popcorn.
After she had finished making herself an omelet she made sure to get a pot of coffee going for Genni who would be awake soon as Meg turned the TV on and plopped down on the floor and slid under the fort, opening one end so she could watch the TV.
"You got work today?" she poked Genni's leg only to be swatted away.

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Re: http://community.livejournal.com/pokeballpopped/1898.html#cutid1

from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)

"No, I'm off. They aren't opening up the home until next week. They're worried one of the elders are gonna let a pokemon in or something," Genni explained, not lifting her head. Pichu suddenly started squealing, and the two looked at what he was pointing too.

Snuggled right up against Genni was a big pink blob. It had a white tipped tail, and curly ears. Genni yelped and slid away from it. It had wedged itself right between her and Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur woke up at the cries, and growled in warning at the intruder.

"What IS that?!" Genni shrieked. It lifted its head and smiled at her.

"It's a slowpoke! It looks just like the one from the cafe we saw! Remember?" Meg cried. Genni's eyes were wide as she nodded.

"It is..." She murmured, and cautiously reached out to touch it. When her head rested on its head, its eyes slowly closed, its mouth open, like it was in heaven. Genni looked amazed.

"How did it get in here? None of the pokemon reacted to it!" She cried. Meg shrugged.

"It probably moved so slow they didn't even notice it," Meg said. Genni nodded, figuring this had to be the case. The Slowpoke smiled and rolled onto its belly, so she could scratch it.

"He's cute..." Genni murmured.

"You should catch him!" Meg cried. Genni nodded and went into her bedroom to get a pokeball. A few seconds later, Slowpoke was safely inside her pokeball.

"Wow...I have a slowpoke..." Genni murmured. Meg laughed and shook her head.


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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 27th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)

Meg had finished her omelet, offering a few bites to Shinx who had found a spot in front of her, almost demanding her be fed. Genni was checking out the Slowpoke, who would try and make noises to her but the ended up being long, drawn out sounds.
"Oh my God, make it stoooop," Meg whined, tired of the two minute drag his recent vocal expressions had lasted.
"Sorry, it's not like he can help it," Genni said, popping Slowpoke back into its ball. "I need to register him," she glanced at the clock, wondering what time the Pokemon Center would have opened.
Meg rolled off the floor, going towards the kitchen to clean her dishes. "Well first we have to pick up the living room," she stated. Genni looked around at the pillow barrage and what was left of their fort and nodded.
"Not it!" Genni yelled before running into her room to get herself ready.
"HEY NOW!" Meg had whipped around just in time to see Genni rushing out the door with Pichu on her shoulder and Bulbasaur in her arms.
"Have a good day!" She yelled as she slammed the door closed and left Meg with the task of putting their living room back together.
"Uuuuuuugh," Meg groaned and started to put things away.


The lines for the Pokemon Center were getting increasingly longer as more and more people were going out and capturing constantly.
"I'm gonna be the Pokemon Master!" she heard a 12 year old boy yell, jumping up in the air. He had to be quieted by his mother and Genni laughed. It had only been about a month since Pokemon were discovered, and people were already getting very much into it.
The line moved quickly, regardless of how many people were in the line. Once Genni got up there, she was handed a paper for Slowpoke's diet and a flyer.
"There's going to be a battle zone set up in Deering Park tomorrow," the woman said with a smile. "Be sure to tell your friends who have pokemon! There will be lots of trainers scattered about the park to battle, and we'll hope to see you there!" Genni smiled and said thanks. She knew Meg would be up for it.
On the right of the Pokemon Center there was a wall with a bulletin board that caught Genni's interest, and she began to scan the papers hanging from it. There were a few for certain pokemon fan clubs, but none of them were ones that either of the girls would be interested in.
Genni eventually gave up, not seeing anything that interested her and began to move away from the board when someone walked up and pinned a paper to the wall. His clothing looked familiar, but she couldn't remember and once he had walked away she scanned the paper he had hung. It was a recruiting flyer for a pokemon group.
"'Team Lazarus,'" Genni read the flyer out loud. "'Looking for new recruits who want to be part of a greater, powerful cause,'" Genni grabbed two tabs off of the bottom that had information on meeting times and where to go, one for her and one for Meg and headed out.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)

Meg was furious with her when she came back to the apartment.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. YOU ALWAYS LEAVE AND LEAVE ME TO CLEAN UP THE MESSES," Meg bellowed. Genni frowned, putting Bulbasaur down.

"I know, I'm sorry. Slowpokes at least registered..." Genni murmured. Meg didn't look much more pleased.


"Wait, what?"


"They're having another battle tournament down at Deering Park tomorrow," Genni stated. Meg faltered a little.

"I don't care!"

"And we could go down and train a little today and maybe level up our pokemon a bit..." Genni added.


"They're having more food than they did at the other one. Like chicken and beans and burgers and french fries-" Genni finally added. Meg's eyes lit up.

"No way,"

"Yes way. Please don't be mad at me anymore?" Genni asked. Meg sagged, and shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah...I guess I'm not mad anymore..." She murmured, "BUT, you have to let me kick your ass just once while we practice!"


Genni and Meg, after doing some training, treated the Pokemon and themselves to a late afternoon ice cream treat. They sat outside the little ice cream cafe and sipped bubble tea while the pokemon below them slurped up bowls of plain vanilla they had ordered for them. It was hot, but the setting sun was cooling evreything down, casting shadows on everything. That's when Genni remembered the flyer.

"Oh, so I found this team on the Pokemon bulletin board. They're looking for members or something," Genni said, sucking up two or three tapioca pearls in one gulp.

"Cool, what is it for?"

"I think it's just like a group that trains and stuff. I dunno they called themselves Team Lazarus? Maybe they're like...a baseball team or something," Genni suggested. Meg shrugged.

"Whens their next meeting?" She asked. Genni dug around in her pockets and pulled out one of the slips.

"They have a meeting tonight, it looks like. We should go!" Genni said. Meg slurped her drink thoughtfully.

"You think?"

"Sure. It's open to everyone. And they sound pretty cool...come on it's not like we have to sign our names in blood or something," Genni assured. Meg laughed.

"Sure. Lets go!"

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)

The meeting was at a large business building on Commercial Street, on the third floor. There was a person standing near the door wearing the same type of clothing that the people they had seen in the tournament had been wearing. They showed the little piece of paper they had taken off the flyer and he let them up, instructing them which door to go to.
A knock on the door allowed them into the large, open room that had open doorways connected to it that lead to rooms with some desks and computers. There were about ten other recruits there and a few of those in the colored clothes huddled into a group. They looked like they were about to announce something very soon, so Meg and Genni made their way towards the others.
"I don't see any food," Meg said, looking around the place.
"Yah, thought here would be some munchies here too but guess I was wrong," the girls turned around to see a kid dressed in extremely baggy jeans, the rest of his outfit resembling that of the style of "gangsta". Meg's first impression of him was instantly squashed. He wasn't very bright either, as he took her look of disgust as slight interested and smiled at her.
"Alright, everyone quiet!" A voice echoed off the walls and high ceiling, calling forth their attentions as they all moved towards the group that had been standing there.
"You've all come here because you also believe what we do. You believe in being something bigger than just yourself alone, you believe in becoming powerful through the strengths of others," The owner of the voice was the man that Genni had battled earlier in the park. Genni began to look around, slightly in suspicion as she tried to keep track of all the people in the room.
"Duh," the annoying gangster kid said, a roll of slight laughter coming from the group. The man, without moving his head, turned his gaze to the kid for a few moments, analyzing him before returning to his speech.
"Well, welcome. We are Team Lazarus and we also believe in the same things. So much that we've brought ourselves together to bring our beliefs to reality. Now, we may seem small, but that's why you're all here. We need more of us to make our dream even bigger. So big," he began to pace slowly. "That it will shatter the world," his face gleamed. Genni was getting nervous. Meg began to sway back and forth out of boredom.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)

Genni watched the man nervously as he spoke in such a high commanding voice.

"Meg...maybe we should go...this doesn't feel right..."

"You're telling me! Where's the food?!" Meg cried. The conversation in front of them stopped, and everyone turned to blink at her.

"Is there something the matter, miss?" The man in charge called to her. She nodded.

"Yeah! Where's the food?! Shouldn't you have like...a refreshment table at these things?" She cried. The man looked surprised at her outburst.

"If there is no more ridiculous statements, I shall continue." The man snapped, and went on with his speech. The gangster boy from before watched her disapprovingly. Genni looked surprised. She hadn't expected that kid to fall into this kind of trap. She looked around the room for some kind of sign, and spots a long table covered with a sheet. The legs are rollers, which two people dressed in strange uniforms rolls it to the front, and waits to be addressed.

"The laws condemn us becoming too strong. But in a world where THEY should not be allowed to have a say in how we treat our strong and powerful slaves, then who to be our judges?!"

"Wait...slaves?" Genni whispered. Meg's attention had been grasped now.

"Pokemon aren't slaves.." She whispered. Genni nodded. They watched as the man moved to the covered table, and revealed what was under it. Three glass cases. One held a Rattata, the other held a Pidgy. The one in the middle held an adorable soft blue snake looking thing with soft, fin like ears. it looked around nervously and pressed against the glass, shivering.

"With strong, unbeatable pokemon, we will succeed in undermining these seven RULES, and take on the rules that were meant to be set! Rules of power and justice!" He cried. One of the other men pressed a button, and the poor little blue creature was zapped. In pain, it threw its head back and squealed, and the glass case filled with blue light. the cases were all connected by tubes that connected to one another. the blue light flowed into the other cases, knocking the pokemon out hard. The blue creature collasped in pain and terror at the bottom of the glass, fearing more shocking.

"Meg...we have to do something..." Genni murmured. Meg was already getting out a pokeball, smiling a little.

"Waaay ahead of you, dear."

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 12:34 pm (UTC)

Within a few moments, Shinx was released from his pokeball, followed by Pichu and Bulbasaur.
"Not gonna bring out the big guns with Charmander?" Genni turned to her.
"He'll probably just light the place on fire, and then there would we be?" Genni nodded. The group of the people in the uniforms had frozen. Before anyone could ask a question, the two girls pokemon were already attacking the cases, causing the one with the pidgy to break first before the one with the ratatata did.
"What are you doing?!" the man who was obviously in charge screamed.
"Sorry pal, but pokemon AREN'T slaves. I thought we already went over this with the Civil War?" Meg snapped at him, scooping up the Ratatata while Genni grabbed the Pidgy. He looked taken aback at the girls actions but quickly recouperated.
"This is your first test! Stop them!" he ordered the new group. A few hesitated, some even booked it for the stairs. The gangster kid however decided he would be helping the group of cretins out and called forth a zubat.
"Sorry I gotta do this to ya, but can't be disrespectin' my new crew, ya dig?" Meg laughed hysterically.
"Sorry, what? Did you just threaten me with 'gangsta' talk, and your reinforcement is a zubat?!" Meg pulled out Charmander, knowing that this would be too effing easy. "Shit son, you be straight trippin'" Charmander looked around the room in a slight apathetic manner until the kid ordered a Leech Life attack on him.
"Pfft, Charmander, Em-" she didn't even have to finish as flames sparked from Charmander's mouth, flame-broiling the Zubat like a Burger King hamburger patty. The kid looked shocked and defeated, ushering a smirk from Meg.
Genni in the mean time had Bulbasaur attacking the last case while Pichu played keep away with the other trainers' pokemon, leaving fainted with a thundershock every now and then. Shinx had took to going after any human who tried to interfere, keeping many of the trainers at a comfortable distance.
At last the case finally broke and the blue snake fell out. Genni handed over the other pokemon as she picked it up and called Bulbasaur back to his ball. Meg had done the same with Charmander and the two girls ran for the stairs, Pichu and Shinx in tow.
"DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY!" The order was given. A few of the Team Lazarus people had been positioned on the stairs to stop them, but Shinx and Pichu helped with the unintentional dogpile at the bottom of the stairwell that Meg and Genni had to step over.
Once on the street the two booked it for the closest Pokemon Center, the echoes of footsteps running behind them quickly stopping.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)

Hidden in the pokemon center, the girls handed over the injured rattata and pidgy to the nurse, as well as their own pokemon. They waited for news on their pokemon, watching from the windows to see if anyone had followed them. Nobody had.

"That was scary..." Genni whispered. Meg shrugged and settled onto a couch.

"Eh, I knew we could get out of there if we got into a pinch. We can muscle our way out!" Meg cried. Genni smiled, and glanced back out the window.

"That was just too weird...they were just like that group from the video games...what were they called?"

"Team Rocket!" Meg announced. Genni nodded.

"It's just...they can't do that to pokemon...that poor little blue pokemon..." Genni murmured.

"Yeah...what was it anyways?" Meg asked. Genni shrugged.

"Maybe the nurse can tell us," She said. Just then, the woman appeared with their pokeballs on a tray. She smiled as the girls took back their pokemon.

"How's the little blue one doing?" Genni asked. They had seen the nurse release the pidgy and rattata back to authorities, but no such thing done for the blue one. The nurse smiled softly.

"Very poorly, I'm afraid. It was a very bruised Dratini. It'll be a few more days til I can release it into the wild safely," The nurse said. Genni bit her lip.

"Is there anyway I could see him before you release him? Maybe when he's better?" Genni asked. The nurse smiled and nodded.

"If you come back tomorrow, you're more than welcome to say hello to the little guy. I'm sure he'd love to come face to face with his rescuers," She said. Genni and Meg nodded, and looked up when a police officer came into the center.

"Are you the two who came face to face with the people calling themselves team lazarus?" The man asked. Genni and Meg nodded in unison.

"Very good. Would you mind coming with me? We just want to ask you a few questions," The man said. The two girls nodded, and sat down with the police officer, giving him a full report before he thanked them, and sent them home.

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)

Meg had flopped onto the couch, releasing her pokemon from their pokeballs and covered her head with a pillow.
"So effing tired..." the pillow muffled the noise.
Genni had released her pokemon as well and sat herself down in the chair and sighed.
"Well that was fun," Meg replied to her with a nod and another muffle. It was unanimous that they would crash and sort things out in the morning.


The morning after the girls had both woken up without too much talk between them, Genni with a pot of coffee and Meg with a breakfast sandwich she had made, making sure to create some type of pokemon version for Shinx, Bulbasaur and Pichu. Charmander had found popcorn...again. Slowpoke had taken forever to even get near the food, so Meg just poured him some cereal which was soggy as all hell by the time he finished. Magikarp was flopping around in the sink, not exactly eating the pieces of lettuce that were floating at the top of the water.
"So you wanna go check out that pokemon, right?" Meg said between bites. Genni nodded.
"Yeah, you know, just to see how it's doing," she said, taking a sip of her coffee and watching the pokemon eat.
"Alrighty, so hit up the Pokemon Center and then to the park!" Meg exclaimed.
"Uh, is it really safe for us to go out and do something after what happened last night?" Meg shrugged.
"I'm not gonna let those creeps keep us from enjoying ourselves. It's not like we have to join the witness protective service," Meg had finished her food and began to do dishes.
"I also think we should pick up some stuff for the battles," she was referring to what had been named potions and the sort, so originally copying the games. Genni sighed and got up, getting herself ready. There really wasn't any talking Meg out of it.


The girls had gotten to the Pokemon Center early, Genni insiting Meg hurry her ass up.
"Hello, there!" The woman from last night greeted them. "Can I help you with something?" Genni stepped forward.
"Yes, I'm here to see the Dratini, remember?" She said. The woman gave her a confused look before she finally realized what Genni was saying.
"Oh yes, I heard someone was going to be by to see him!" she smiled and held up a finger in a single of "One second," as she went back to retrieve the pokemon.
"Did she forget you?" Meg asked. Genni shrugged. Maybe she was a twin?
She returned with the Dratini in a wheeled case that had a towel on the bottom for it to rest. It opened its eyes and peered up at the two girls, instantly recognizing who Genni was. At the sight of her, the pokemon began to hop up and down, making happy noises.
"It seems to have taken a liking to you!" the woman said, smiling. "Oh, I know! You should catch him! He's not ready to release back into the wild after all of the traumatization from last night. I think if you were the one to catch him, it'd help him recouperate faster," the woman handed Genni a pokeball.
"You sure?" She asked, and the woman nodded, opening the container and stepping back. Genni threw the pokeball catching the Dratini instantly.
"See, he didn't even protest!" Genni smiled and looked down at the pokeball in her hands. The woman took it from her and registered the Dratini into Genni's party and bid them a farewell, hoping "to see you again!"
"Why the hell would you want to see us again, you freak?" Meg whispered as they walked out. "Does seeing pokemon in pain turn her on or something?" Genni stifled a laugh as the two headed to the park.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)

The tournament in the park had an even bigger turn out than the first had. Genni and Meg went to register and found they were number 14 and 15.

"You should go first this time," Meg said, pinning the 15 to her own shirt. Genni nodded and took the 14 and pinned it to her own shirt.

The battles went on for most of the morning, Genni and Meg not once seeing a chance to battle yet, since they seemed to be drawn out, and they went down to a little pond and Meg released her Magickarp.

"Come on Magickarp! Use splash!" Meg cried. Magickarp happily flailed, Genni watching with amusement. She released Dratini so she could examine his stats, plucking out her pokeedex next.

"Dratini. The dragon pokemon. This pokemon is called the Mirage pokemon because so few have seen it. Its shed skin has been found," The pokedex chirped. Genni smiled a little. The dratini cooed and swam around excitedly. It squealed and fled away from the flailing magickarp when it drew too close, and suddenly Genni was breathing in wet Dratini hide.

"MMPH-" Genni flailed, looking much like Meg's magickarp as she tried to get Dratini to unwrap himself from her face.

"AH! Dratini easy!" Meg cried, trying to pull him off so Genni could breathe again. Genni managed to get his pokeball out, and withdrew him, her face slightly blue.

"Oh...my god...life flashed...before my eyes..." She wheezed, holding her throat. Meg laughed and withdrew her fish pokemon, and the two ran back to the tournament, hearing their numbers being called.

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)

Genni was up first as planned, and went against a middle-aged man dressed in a pink running suit.
"I'm gonna wow you and everyone here with my cute pokemon!" He did a little pose, and Genni had to remember she was in Portland.
She released Bulbasaur, the man releasing a Clefairy.
"Oh Lord," Meg said, wondering how many Clefairies this dude had on him, instantly not wanting to know. Bulbasaur dropped Leech Seed, taking a doubleslap from the Clefairy with ease. A few rounds later and a few tackles from Bulbasaur's end, and the Clefairy fainted.
"Clefairy is unable to fight!" the judge announced, the fainted pokemon returning to its ball.
As expected, another Clefairy was flung out for the next battle. Genni had the beat down and easily took care of it, but what came next was something entirely unexpected. Bulbasaur began to glow a slight yellow color, its body beginning to morph.
"OH! IT'S EVOLVING! GENNI IT'S GONNA EVOLVE!" Meg was bouncing up and down, waving her hands around. Genni wasn't sure which spectacle was more interesting to watch, turning back to her pokemon just as it finished its evolution into an Ivysaur. She quickly whipped out her pokedex.
"Ivysaur, the seed pokemon. When the bud on its back starts swelling, a sweet arome wafts to indicate the flower's coming bloom," Genni noticed the little was now a red flower that hadn't bloomed yet with leaves underneath.
"Coooool," she said appreciatively.
"Well look at that, folks! Bulbasaur has evolved!" the judge's voice echoed off the trees. "It also looks like we have a winner in this round! Genni has won!" The crowd cheered and Genni recalled Ivysaur into the pokeball and stepped down.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 28th, 2010 10:39 pm (UTC)

Meg's battle was a little more rocky. She fought a young girl, this one who sent out a Poliwhirl.

Thinking this battle was in the bag, she sent out Shinx, who hissed and glowed with electricity that pulsed through it's fur.

"Whoa, that looks like a new move..." Genni murmured to herself. Meg seemed aware of this, and plucked out her pokedex.

"Shinx. Flash Pokemon. Bite, Leer, tackle, and Spark," The pokedex announced. Meg looked up from her pokedex.

"Nice! Shinx! Use-"

"POLIWHIRL! HYPNOSIS!" She cried, pointing Poliwhirl growled and the swirl on his large dark blue belly began to appear to swirl. Shinx's attention was caught, and his body went lax.

"No! NO Shinx! Don't fall under the spell!" Meg cried, "close your eyes!" She yelled. Shinx shut his eyes, shaking his head. When he opened again, the attack had passed.

"Shinx! Use spark!" Meg cried. Shinx lit up like a lightbulb, and electricity lashed out like fierce bolts in a thunder storm. The poliwhirl went down hard, but got back up and sent off a bubble beam attack that left Shinx shuddering and sparking.

"Shinx, run and use bite!" Meg cried, the Poliwhirl grabbed hold of Shinx's jaws and held him back with strength, a look of struggle appearing on it's face. Unfortunately, his strength gave out, and he went down after enduring a painful bite. The girl withdrew her poliwhirl.

"Nice try, buddy...alright," She said, pulling out another pokeball and pressing the button so it expanded, "That was just a test. here comes the REAL test!" She cried, and threw her ball. Out bounced an adorable dark grey pig that bounced excitedly on a curly tail and a pink pearl balanced on its head. Genni blinked and pulled out her pokedex.

"Spoink. The Bounce Pokemon.It bounces constantly, using it's tail like a spring. The shock of bouncing keeps its heart beating," The pokedex explained. Genni ooooh'ed.

"Spoink! Psywave!" She cried. Shinx's expression fell as the pig let out a high pitched squeal that could shatter ear drums. Shinx tried to shake it outof his head like he had done with hypnosis, but he was unable to, and fell back a little, though still concious.

"Shinx! You alright?" Meg called. Shinx looked back at her and barked, nodding a little. She smiled.

"Shinx, tackle, then use spark!" She cried. Shinx ran forward, and as the Spoink tried to jump over her Shinx and slam him into the dirt, Shinx shocked him hard, making the Spoink squeal and collaspe.

"Spoink is unable to battle! Meg is the winner! and using one pokemon too!"

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 02:52 am (UTC)

"THAT'S WHUTS UP!" Meg yelled, punching the air and jumping down from the spot she had been positioned in. She went to return Shinx, but his body began to glow.
"Oh man are you evolving too?!" Meg asked in excitement. When his body stopped glowing and had finished its evolution, a Luxio was standing there.
Meg squeled with delight, grabbing the larger creature and hugging it. She pulled out her pokedex and aimed it at the pokemon.
"And what do you have to saaaay," she sang, booting up the pokedex.
"Luxio, the spark pokemon. Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes," Meg beamed.
"FUCKING SICK!" a smile plastered on her face. She skipped over to her friend and sat down, the next few players going up.
Genni and Meg headed to the area to heal their pokemon and returned, watching another long, drawn out battle before a break in rounds came up.
"Looks like this may be a two day event, folks! Why don't you all go stretch your legs while we get ready for the next round?" the annoucement went over the intercoms, and so the girls went off looking for refreshments and foods, settling on a little concession stand set up behind the basketball courts. Meg bought herself a burger, while Genni got a slice of pizza and the two ate their late, unhealthy lunch.
"Too bad we can't take the pokemon out," Genni said, looking at all the food. "They're probably starving," Meg nodded in agreement.
"Well how about this? After the tournament, whether we win or lose, we treat them to a nice dinner? I heard there's this new place in Monument square that serves pokemon food too," she took a bite of her burger. Genni smiled and nodded.
"That'd be pretty nice, they've been working really hard lately," The girls smiled and finished their food, all the while Meg had been planning out what she was going to get when they went out for dinner.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)

When the tournament began again, Genni and Meg only had to wait a few minutes before Genni was called up.

To her dismay, she was faced off with Mr. Blondie once more.

"Seriously?" She groaned as he smiled and tossed a pokeball up and down in his hand.

"Dead serious," He responded, and tossed out his pokemon.

This was a new one. It floated happily over the stage, Resembling a curly haired female as it smiled and twirled in its place. A shiver went down Genni's spine.

"A g-ghost pokemon?" Genni murmured. The blonde grinned and shrugged, still tossing a pokeball up and down.

"Misdreavus," he explained. Genni swallowed hard and her eyes strayed to Meg, who was giving her big thumbs up of encouragement. Genni closed her eyes and called out Pichu.

Pichu bounced around happily and his cheeks sparked as he eyed his opponent.

"Uh..uhh...Pichu use thunderbolt!" Genni cried. The blond smiled.

"Misdreavus. Use astonish," he said. Pichu screamed as a blue light shook through him, and he stood there, shuddering a moment, unable to finish his lightning bolt attack. He stayed huddled, shuddering.

"Oh no, Pichu!" Genni cried. The blond laughed.

"Just like last time. Going to wipe your pokemon," Her opponent called. Genni's eyes stayed fixed on Pichu, who shuddered continuously until the effects wore off. When it was gone, he looked at Genni unsurely, but she gave him a bright smile.


"Misdreavus, psywave!" The blond called. Misdreavus cackled and hit Pichu with a hard enough psychic blast that sent him flying. He crumbled for a moment, then struggled to his feet.

"YOU CAN DO IT PICHU!" Meg cheered from the stands. Genni looked at her again, almost considering walking off the stage.

"Pichu, use charm!" Genni cried. Pichu winked, and giggled at the Misdreavus. Instantly the ghost pokemon melted, and watched Pichu dance about happily.

"Misdreavus!" The blond shouted.

"Pichu now use thunderbolt!" Genni cried. Pichu leaped into the air, and with a blast much stronger than his usual thunderbolts, sent the ghost pokemon flailing backwards.

"Grr..MISDREAVUS, Mean look!" The blond screamed. The look that crossed the ghost pokemon's face was terrifying. Pichu let out a squeak of terror and shuddered where he stood. When he felt he could move a little, he looked back at his trainer, and the crowd was hushed into silence.

She was crouching down, covering her head and whimpering in terror. The shivers running through her body was even fiercer than how Pichu had reacted. At least her little pokemon was able to come out of his paralyzing fear. She wasn't.

"G..GENNI!" Meg cried. She started to get up, and stopped when the blond made a command.

"Misdreavus. That's enough," He murmured, and withdrew his pokemon. He crossed the battle stage, and knelt down beside the terrified trainer. She jerked when he put a hand on her shoulder.

"You're not suppose to be afraid," He said softly. She shook her head, still covering her ears.


"The job of the trainer is to be brave for her pokemon. If you're afraid, how is Pichu suppose to react?" He asked. Genni glanced at her Pichu. He was looking at her, confused, fear in his big eyes. Genni looked at her opponent, and her eyes welled with fat tears.

"I...I can't do this...I can't fight..."

"Course you can. You beat me once, right? Just because I have a pokemon that scares YOU doesn't mean you should give up the art completely," He said. Genni nodded, breathing a little easier.

"Jude," He murmured. Genni looked at him in confusion.


"My name is Jude. Remember it, alright? We'll try again some other time. God knows we're gonna keep meeting like this," he said with a little grin. Genni blushed and nodded, looking at Pichu, who raced back over to her, and growled in warning at Jude. Jude shrugged and stood.

"We forfeit," he said. The judge nodded and called the battle. Jude walked off the stage, ignoring Meg's threats as she partially chased him.

"HEY. HEY WHAT DID YOU SAY? WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HER YOU JACKASS?!" Jude ignored her, just slipping off through the crowd.

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)

Genni made her way back to her spot next to Meg and sat down, having already recalled Pichu into his ball.
"What'd he say to you?" Meg asked, a concerned look on her face.
"It's ok," she smiled at her friend. "He's not all that bad," Meg gave her a look of astonishment.
"NOT BAD?! HE'S AN ASSHOLE! Jesus, blondie jerk," Meg folded her hands across her chest with a look of annoyance on her face.
"Jude," Genni said.
"His name is Jude," Meg snickered.
"Like the song? HEY JUUUUUDE, DON'T MAKE IT BAAAAAD. TAKE A SAAAD SOOOONG AND MAKE IT BETTAAA!" Genni laughed and nodded her head.
It was Meg's turn up, and she almost did a hop towards her spot, the previous event sparking a streak of competition in her.
Her opponant, an old woman verging on dementia called out a Buneary. Genni pulled out her pokedex and quickly analyzed the pokemon.
"Buneary, the rabbit pokemon. Its ears are always rolled up. They can be forcefully extended to shatter even a large boulder," Genni gulped.
"Haha, okie dokie then!" Meg felt daring, and called out Charmander. "Charmander, us E-" she was quickly cut off by the old woman yelling.
"QUICK ATTACK, LEONARD!" The Buneary was on Charmander in seconds, causing him to fall back. This did not settle well with him, causing a massive Ember to flambay the Buneary. One hit K-O.
"Buneary is unable to fight!" the judge announced.
"Eh, what's that? Cookies are in-flight?" The woman looked around, wondering where the cookies were. Buneary returned to its ball, and this prompted the woman to throw her next which contained an Ekans.
"Ok, Charmander, I think you know what to do," Meg smiled as Charmander nodded its head, surprising Genni.
"Wow, he's actually obeying her?" she said quietly as Charmander let out another Ember.
"POISON STING, ERNEST!" The woman's next orders. The ekans avoided Charmander's attack, hitting him with its own. A few seconds went by as the crowd held their breaths. Charmander shook slightly and it was obvious he had been poisoned.
"No, Charmander!" Meg gripped at the bottom of her shirt. Charmander's breathing picked up, but he wouldn't allow himself to fall down, giving off a huge burst of fire and taking out the Ekans.
"Mrs. Halleich is out of useable pokemon! Meg wins!" the crowd released their breaths for a cheer as the old woman was led off the stage by what was believed to be her son. Meg jumped for joy, but instead of rushing to go sit back down next to Genni, she bolted to heal her pokemon, knowing that Charmander would be still poisoned.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 06:11 am (UTC)

Genni enjoyed the tournament from the stands. She rooted for Meg when she went up against another opponent, and this time one. She would go onto fight for the top spot with another trainer, and then be crowned victorious.

Genni was content to watch. She had always been content to just watch. But Jude's words still haunted her, and it gnawed at her insides to know he had been right. She tried not to dwell on it as she slurped an icee she and Meg went to buy while they waited for the third and final round to start.

"Are you scared?" Genni asked. Meg shook her head.

"Nah. If I lose, there's always next time!" Meg cheered. Genni smiled and nodded. Meg's optimism always made her smile.

"Well, I Hope you win. I want a trophy on our mantel," Genni said.

"We don't have a mantel," Meg pointed out.

"Oh yeah..." The girls heard the bell that meant the tournament was starting back up, and raced to get into their places.


Meg stepped up to the square and rubbed Shinx's ball slowly as she wondered where her opponent was. He hadn't stepped up to the stage like he had been told to, but instead ducked down and disappeared. The crowd whispered to one another as they all looked for the kid. Just when the judge was about to ring the bell and announce the forfeit, a different guy stepped up to the stage. He was dressed differently, and Meg was SURE it was a different guy.

"You're not my opponent," She said.

"Sure I am. Now shut up and send out your pokemon," The man snapped. Genni could sense something was wrong. She kept her hand on Ivysaur's ball just in case.

Meg looked at the judge, who was waiting for her move, and she shrugged, and tossed the ball into the air. Luxio appeared and the crowd cheered. Her opponent sent out a Stunky.

TO BE CONTINUED...I'm too tired to keep going XD lol

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)

"Stunky, use poison gas!" The man ordered. The stunky hissed and raised it's backside. A thick layering of noxious, rancid smelling fumes covered poor Luxio, sending him into a coughing fit, shaking his head, struggling to clear his senses.

"Luxio! Tackle the stupid thing!" Meg ordered. Luxio roared and blindly shoved his way through the gas, and crashed hard into the stunky, who went skidding backwards, nearly hitting it's trainer. Stunky hissed and claws extended from it's paws.

"Stunky, use scratch!" Stunky's trainer ordered. Stunky hissed and scratched at Luxio's face, leaving him hissing and shaking his head, trying to ease the pain of his scratches.

"Luxio! Spark!" Meg cried. Luxio shook his head, ignoring the pain from the enemy's Stunky, and let loose a blast of electricity that left the Stunky paralyzed, and unconcious.

"Stunky is unable to battle! Luxio is the winner!" The judge cried. Meg cheered, and ran forward to hug her Luxio. The gas had cleared, and the stunky recalled. The man started walking off the stage, but then stepped back on and threw a new pokeball.

"Hey! You can't send out unregistered pokemon!" The judge cried. Meg yelped as she stumbled to Luxio's side, and blinked at the pokemon.

"Growlithe! Use roar!" The man cried. Growlithe threw his head back and let out the most vicious roar. It shook the whole stage, sending Luxio and Meg into shock as Meg stumbled over.

The roar had hit her directly, having been standing in front of Luxio when it attacked. Now she was shuttering on the stage, seizing from the attack that was not meant for human ears.

"MEG!" Genni shrieked, and ran for the stage, letting out Ivysaur, who jumped in front of Meg and Luxio. Luxio did not look pleased. He was growling, looking at the man and his growlithe in fury. Without an order, he lashed out at the Growlithe, sending out a blast of electricity as it bit down into Growlithe's side. The fight was brutal, and quick. Growlithe fainted in moments, and the man who had attacked Meg was arrested.

Genni leaned over her friend, holding her head.

"Meg, Meg, wake up. Look at me!" She cried. Luxio returned to his master's side, whimpering a little. Genni looked terrified.

"Someone call a doctor!"

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)

The doctors had said that Meg's eardrums were slightly damaged, and would be fine in a week or two as long as there weren't any loud noises.
Genni sat in the uncomfortable chair in the room, watching the TV with captions so that Meg could rest her ears. Meg sat in the bed, bandages over her ears with a magazine that featured a stick of a woman holding up her equally anorexic glameow.
"Ugh," Meg flopped the magazine down on the bed, bored.
"Want another magazine?" Genni asked. Meg nodded.
"How much longer til they'll release me?" The doctors wanted her to stay for a little bit longer, still running tests. Genni shrugged and picked up a magazine from the desk and handed it to her friend. Luxio with laying next to her, his eyes on her the entire time.
"HUH?!" Genni looked up at her friend who hadn't even began looking through the magazine, staring at the front page.
"What is it?" she asked, Meg turned the magazine so she could see. Her eyes widened. "Is that...Jude?" she asked. Meg nodded her head, her mouth hanging in disbelief.
"HOW THE HELL..WHAT?!" Meg immediately regretted that, placing her hands on her ears and wincing. "Owwww," Genni took the magazine from her and began looking through it.
"It's a pokemon magazine.." Genni said. She came along the article that was for Jude, and read aloud. "'Jude Arder. This young man in the small course of Pokemon history to us has already achieved such a high potential at pokemon trainer. His expertise is one that cannot be challenged and his love for his pokemon and others is just amazing,'" Meg sighed.
"He's still an asshole," she crossed her arms, Genni giggled.


The doctor had signed her out and allowed her to leave, the two heading back to their apartment. Genni had pocketed the magazine, not being able to finish the article.
"Maybe I'll subscribe to it. You'd like it, they have tips and stuff," Meg shrugged.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 08:29 pm (UTC)

"You just want to subscribe to it cuzz Juuude's in it," Meg cooed. Genni turned seven shades of red.

"That's not true! I think he's a big jerk!" Genni cried. Meg mmhmm'd and gave her a sly look.

"You want his shit," Meg said. Genni's mouth hung open in a gape.


"Is that why you took that particular pokemon magazine? You just want to stare at his stupid mug all day," Meg teased.

"I'll remember that when you start whining that your ears are hurting at home," Genni snapped.

"Oooooh so cold!" Meg pretended to shiver.

"I wonder how he's getting so good...maybe the article says something..." Genni murmured, looking at the magazine again. Meg's grin widened.

"You could ask him," Meg said. Genni didn't look up as she kept walking.

"No...no. No. NO. We're not gonna try and look him up, Meg!" Genni cried. Meg sighed and shrugged.

"Fine. Trying to get you a hot lay..."

"Five seconds ago you were calling him an asshole!" Genni cried. Meg cackled.

"Well that was before I knew you wanted him in your paaants~" Meg cooed. Genni smacked her.

"Come on, let's just go home..." Genni murmured.


Genni was up early the next morning, dressed in her usual pair of dark blue scrubs for work. She made herself a cup of coffee and had a bowl of cereal as she watched the news. Meg was still sleeping, off for the next few days due to her injury on the battle stage.

Genni rubbed Ivysaur's head as he curled up beside her like a dog. Pichu watched tv as close as he could get to the screen, chattering excitedly when he saw a commericial that involved a pretty girl and her pretty girl pichu. It was his favorite commericial.
Slowpoke was out on the porch, staring off into space and breathing slowly as usual, submerged in a kiddie pool Genni had bought him. Dratini was still in bed.

Just when the daily pokemon news came onto the tv, Genni was ready for another cup of coffee. She went into the kitchen and served herself. Her ears perked up when she heard a familiar name.

"-Jude Arder, assisting in the contest judging, will be meeting with people in Deering Park to discuss his rising popularity and skills as trainer," The reporter was saying. Genni poked her head around the corner of the kitchen and blinked with curiosity.

"He'll be signing autographs and allowing pictures. Some of the media will be there as well. Maybe they'll ask about his mysterious battle at the tournament yesterday!" The reporter giggled. An image from the tournament appeared on the screen, and Genni dropped her cup of coffee. It was her and Jude, Jude leaning over her, talking to her about being less of a pussy. He was touching her shoulder and looking at her sympathetically while she shivered like a baby. Genni's face paled. She yelped when she suddenly felt the heat from the coffee she had spilled.

"Aww man..." She jumped when the phone rang, and grabbed it.

"Hello? Oh hi Tracy...yeah I was just about to leave...wha..what? You...you..no...You're laying me off? But why? Aren't I good? Oh...Chansey's replacing all the nurse aid's...I understand...no problem..." Genni murmured. She thanked her boss for the opportunity, and hung up. Meg appeared in the doorway.

"What's wrong?" She asked groggily.

"I...I just got fired."

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from: commandermeg
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)

"WHAT?!" Meg immediately regretted her yell, grabbing her ears and wincing. "I mean, what?!" she whispered. Genni sat down at the table, immediately uninterested in her coffee.
"They're going to use Chansey to replace the nurse aids..." Genni stared at her cup of coffee. Meg sat down in the chair across from her.
"That's not fair...don't they have to give you a notice or something?" Meg asked. Genni shook her head.
"Guess not," She sighed. "Now what am I going to do for a job?" She slid forwards and placed her elbows on th table, putting her head in the palms of her hands.
Meg disappeared for a moment and came back with the pokemon magazine, slapping it down on the table and flipping through til she got to a specific page. Genni looked up.
"What are you doing?" she asked. Meg turned the magazine around and pushed it in front of her, showing off all the classifieds for pokemon related work.
"I was reading this last night, sorry I kinda took it from your room. I was trying to see if there was any info on that dude you like other than the basic shit, but I found this at the back," she pointed a finger at a job at the Pokemon Center. Genni grabbed the magazine and began to read the classified.
"'Portland Pokemon Center looking for qualified nurse to fill a job helping out at the center. Full-time, 16 dollars an hour with benefits after two years. Please call or stop in with resume,'" Genni put the magazine down and looked up at her friend, who had started folding airplanes with the napkins.
"Do you think I should do it?" she asked. Meg nodded, smiled and gave her a big thumbs up.
"Hell yes! We can go there after breakfast or something," Meg said. Genni nodded. "Looks like you got another day off from work," Genni laughed at Meg's comment as she began to make herself breakfast. "We should do something, seeing as I just scored some sick days and you don't have to work til you get hired at the Pokemon Center,"
"I haven't even shown them my resume yet, Meg,"
"So? If they don't hire you then I'll throw a fit!" Meg said, slapping down the toaster's lever.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)

Ivysaur and Pichu nuzzled into Genni in agreement with Meg's words. Genni looked at the magazine.

"Well...I guess..." Genni murmured. Meg, Ivysaur, and Pichu cheered. Slowpoke breathed from his spot on the porch.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 10:39 pm (UTC)


Even though Genni was reluctant the whole way, Meg and her pokemon urged her into the pokemon center to apply for the job. The nurse smiled at her as she handed over her resume and set up for an interview the next day. Genni came out of the center looking a little more optimistic. Then Meg said they were going to see her boytoy. Genni's face paled.

"He's not my boy toy!" Genni cried. Meg smirked and ignored her, grabbing her wrist and heading down to the park where the tournament had taken place the day before.

Jude was on the stage, sitting down while people stood around his legs, calling out questions and handing up notebooks and magazines for him to sign. He was answering questions with ease, talking softly and smiling occasionally, the flash of cameras almost blinding. Genni and Meg moved into the back of the group. Genni peered up at him.

"Alright...maybe...he's...a little cute..." Genni murmured. Meg grinned.

"I knew iiit!" Meg bounced up and down, her hand raised. The man choosing people to ask questions chose her next. Genni tugged on her arm.


"DOES JUDE HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!" Meg screamed, and the crowd cheered and begged for an answer. Jude laughed a little at the question.

"No...I'm single," he said, and the girls in the crowd burst into cheers. Genni groaned a little.

"Great. You got to ask your stupid question. Let's go!" Genni hissed. She grabbed Meg's arm and started to drag her back. That's when one of the camera men filming outside the crowd spotted Genni, and pointed.

"Hey! It's that girl!" He cried. Genni blinked as she and Meg were completely surrounded by a large crowd. They closed in tightly, microphones shoved into their faces, loud voices bellowing into their ears. Meg got a hold of Luxio's pokeball and let him loose.

"LUXIO!" Meg cried. Almost like he could read her mind, he sent out a wave of electricity that was only strong enough to send the group flailing backwards, tripping over themselves as they got away from the growling Luxio. Meg giggled.

"Luxio..." She leaned down and hugged him, her hair slightly frizzing. Genni smiled, then looked up when a shadow cast over them.

Jude blinked at them, hand on his hip. "What are you doing here?" He asked. Meg got to her feet.

"WE wanted an autograph! SIGN MY BOOBS?!" Meg yelled. Jude gave her a withering look.

"I'd rather not touch anything on your body, thanks," He growled. Meg nearly sicked Luxio on his ass, but Genni held her back.

"Hehe...umm...we just wanted...to see what was up with this...contest thing." Genni said instead. Jude glanced at Meg to make sure she wasn't about to attack him, then back at Genni.

"It's a little easier than a battle. You have to concentrate on trying to appeal the judges with your pokemon's abilities and looks," Jude explained. Genni nodded.

"I'm a judge, you know," Jude added. Genni nodded again.

"I heard," She said.

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from: nursegenni
date: Jan. 29th, 2010 10:39 pm (UTC)

Meg subtly began to walk away, heading for the little pond to set Magickarp out, and to give Genni some time to hook her a hot one. SHE didn't think he was very good looking...but he melted Genni's insides, so he had to be alright...Genni didn't crush on people often.

Meg set off some of the straggler cameramen trying to get footage of Jude and Genni, but Meg easily sent them running with a command to Luxio, and then went to her pond happily and set her magickarp out.

"Splash, Magickarp!" She cried. Magickarp flailed excitedly, his expression elated as he did what he did best. Nothing. She glanced back at Genni, who was showing Jude her Slowpoke. Slowpoke looked at Jude slowly and blinked, then very slowly went forward and latched onto his leg. Genni was laughing as Jude tried to shake him off.

When she turned her head again, Magickarp was no longer flailing. Instead he was watching across the pond. meg looked up, and saw a young man on the other side, watching her. He was dressed casually in the hot weather, and smirked a little. Magickarp splashed so hard that Meg was soaked.

"AGH. MAGICKARP!" She cried. Her fish pokemon looked guilty. She returned him to his pokeball, and looked back up to study the guy more closely. He was gone.

"Hmm...weird..." Meg murmured, and turned to run back to where Genni and Jude were parting.

"BYYYYE ASSHAT!" Meg yelled as Jude walked away. Jude flipped her the bird over his shoulder. Genni giggled and the two headed to lunch.

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