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Nurse Genni wants to battle!

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Jan. 24th, 2010 | 10:09 pm
posted by: nursegenni in pokeballpopped

Name: Genni
Occupation:Works as a nurse's aid in a nursing home. Works 40-50 hour weeks.
Appearance:5'2" with large breasts and a pear shaped build. usually wears nurses scrubs and comfortable clothes like sweatpants or sweatshirts. Short straight hair, falls a little past her ears, and a pair of thin glasses sit on her nose, splash of freckles on her cheeks and arms as well. Brown eyes. Usually looking thoughtful.
Personality:A little more conservative than her roommate, but enjoys opening up with her and her alone. Very much in love with helping people, and usually has to reel Meg in in fear the girl will get herself in trouble. Kind-hearted, and easily frightened by things that usually shouldn't be spooking 19 year old women anymore. Bit of a procrastinator, and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.
History:Through out her high school career she became fast friends with Meg, after graduating they planned to get an apartment together in the city that was close to both their jobs. Meg began a career in graphic design, working from home, and Genni left the house during most of the morning and came home usually by three or four in the afternoon, worn out and exhausted from her long day at work. She works at a nursing home as an aid, and usually works like crazy during the day.
Extra:Outside of her friendship with Meg, Genni's very reserved and cautious around people. With Meg she'll kick off her shoes and recite funny phrases in lolcat until the sun goes down, and sometimes even crawl into bed with her friend. when it comes to men or other people in general, she gets standoffish. Cept for the oldies, of course. She's soft spoken most of the time, and rational to boot. She's the one who'll go out and get self help books if the mood strikes her, then never read them (and it strikes quite frequently)
First Pokemon:Bulbasaur.
Six Main Pokemon:
Bulbasaur>Ivysaur>Venusaur. Male
--Extremely patient and understanding pokemon, Bulbasaur grows very attached to Genni very quickly. He follows her around the house, sleeps in her bed, and tries to follow her to work when she leaves. He shows his affection by nuzzling his head on his legs when she's standing, and then into her side when when their on the couch or in bed. when he gets bigger, this begins to pose a problem, and Genni is reduced to throwing away the bed posts for her bed, putting her mattress on the floor. He enjoys Shinx's shockwaves very much. Likes the tingle.
Pidgy>Pidgeotto>Pidgeot. Female
--Frustrated easily, Pidgy is one that you don't want to ruffle her feathers (lawl pun). She only tolerates Genni, being that it was Genni who saved her when she fell onto their porch during a thunderstorm. She enjoys snuggling in Genni's lap when she's sitting, and when she's moving around, she'll perch on her shoulder and snuggle her face into her hair. anyone else gets too close while they snuggle, and they get their face pecked off.
Dratini>Dragonair>Dragonite. Male
--Probably the biggest pokemon of her team, and the biggest baby. When he was just a little dratini, it was okay, Genni could handle him, but as he got bigger, his intense need to be calmed by her became a bit too much. Most of the furniture in the house is destroyed or cracked in some way because of Dragonite. Meg's Gengar takes great pleasure in tormenting him, which usually causes awful hysteria throughout the house. Surprisingly enough he's also her most powerful. (but he's terrified to use his powers)
Pikachu>Raichu. Male
--Genni's big tough boy. He believes he's her body guard, and its his duty to keep her safe. He doesn't sleep in the bed with her, but enjoys sleeping at least a few inches from the door to make sure he can protect Genni from anything that comes through that door. She has a little bed set up right there and everything.
Happiny. Female.
--Much like the Happiny in a certain tv show, Happiny is blissfully unaware, and content to lie in Genni's lap and play with the patterns on her shirts. Genni usually takes her to work with her because Happiny is very calming for the elderly, and not to mention Happiny is reliable when it comes to walking home alone at night. She doesn't like to be in her pokeball, so Genni merely carries her around.
Slowpoke. Male.
--Lazy as fuck pokemon. Enjoys dozing on the porch in a kiddie pool Genni got him, just staring up into the sun. He sometimes has something to say, but it takes him too long to say it, and it usually gets forgotten. Genni has to pick him up and move him around the house when she wants him somewhere where she can watch him (such as at the table so he can eat before everyone goes to bed) even then though, it usually takes him til one in the morning to finish the damn thing. Genni adores him though. </lj>

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